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Not only that, accepted the incomplete inheritance of the ancestors, Nirak faintly felt that the power of the world stone should be his next opportunity to imprison the Lord of hatred, the mystery of the world stone can be imagined. As long as he forms a true giant's heart, he will have the qualifications to study the stone of the world, if he can achieve something in this respect, even if the general God meets him in the main plane, he will be forced down. Of course, he has not yet raised his mind to the level of domination, even the giant five ancestors have been killed, the earth ancestors use the power of the world stone, what they have done is to imprison a doppelganger of original sin, the power of domination is not what Nirak can imagine now. Do what you have to do next, and if Styx wants me to take the place of Herradsen, then go for it. Hades and Styx already know the source of the power of Jiuyou, but there is no need to have any taboo to use it now. The power of Jiuyou is brought into full play. Although the underworld is big, I believe no one can stop me except the main gods. The main God naturally will not fight for the identity of the God of the underworld, as long as he can successfully take over the position of Hradason, in the underworld, Nirak will act with less scruples, then, even if the main God covets his nine quiet power,Stainless Steel Seamless Pipe, but also to taboo the existence of the underworld. His face did not move, Nirak's eyes slowly closed, his godhood jumped lightly, and the slightly dark streamer flashed again. Although the perception in the origin has greatly enhanced the depth of the law of the nether world, it still needs a lot of time to slowly precipitate and slowly understand. Eyes slightly closed, Nirak sat on the night fog, really as the king of the night said before, began to retreat. "Hm?" In the blood cell,304 Stainless Steel Wire, the body just restored the human form, suddenly, his soul moved, that half glittering and translucent heart'thump thump'to beat up. Is it the essence and blood or the source? A strange feeling, born from the body of the heart, as if contained by a very warm hand, the heart has a faint feeling of returning to the mother. Eyes slightly squinting, Nirak's soul and heart congealed into one, and gradually he found the source of this feeling, which was about one fifth of the heart that had received the inheritance of the ancestors and changed. The earth ancestor is an incomplete inheritance based on the power of the world stone. Accepting this inheritance, the essence of the body will be basically the same as that of the ancient giants born of heaven and earth. Yezu and Dizu are born of the same origin. Their blood is the blood of the ancestors of all the ancient giants and all the life born of heaven and earth. This should be the reason why the heart feels this way. As soon as his soul moved, Nirak understood the root of the mutation, and at the same time, he found that the crystal at the core of his heart did not feel that way. This is the core condensed by the supreme will of the long river of origin. Perhaps the realm and level are not as good as the fearless heart of the night ancestor, but the root is the same. His eyes flashed slightly, Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet ,mirror stainless steel sheet, and Nirak's soul stroked his heart gently. Slowly, the beating of his heart began to slow down. Then Nirak stretched out another hand, and with a touch of his finger in the blood, a drop of blood congealed on his fingertip. Since it's ancestral blood, let me see if you can get the heart to receive it. With a glimmer of anticipation in his eyes, Nirak withdrew his finger and tapped it gently in his heart, as if a hole had been opened in his chest, and the drop of blood had sunk directly through his chest into one fifth of his crystal heart. "Dong!" The next moment, the heart beat violently, the power of will fluctuated in confusion, and Nirak's soul could not help shaking, and then the bead of blood was ejected. Sure enough, no! The anticipation dissipated, and a wry smile flowed out on Nirak's face. This blood is the blood of the night ancestor, can also be said to be the blood of the'yuan ', its power essence is the will of the night ancestor breath, this will belongs to the night ancestor, is any outsiders can not inherit, even the ancient giants can not forcibly take him as their own. The only way to absorb the power of the Night King's blood is to wait until the essence of the blood has dissipated, but without the essence, the power of will in the blood has dissipated. Without the power of will, blood may be of great use to ordinary life, but it is not in Nirak's eyes at all. What he wants is to be able to resist the erosion of the original will with his own strength, which is the essence of the night king's blood. Also, if I can absorb the blood of the night ancestor, it will almost have the will power of the night ancestor, then in ancient times, the five ancestors will probably be able to cultivate a large number of ancient giants of the "ancestor" level.. " The wry smile was just a moment, and then there was some sprinkling on Nilak's face. In ancient times, the Five Ancestors joined hands to open the original space. At that time, there were not a few ancient giants who accepted the inheritance and then condensed the giant's heart, but it seemed that no one could accept the power of the Five Ancestors' blood. The Fifth Patriarch is not good in the world, and so is Nilak. Shaking his head, Nirak bounced the blood beads back, without further delay, and his heart jumped heavily, and there was a slightly vicissitudes of the will breath, slowly diffused from the crystal of the heart. On that day, the inheritance of the Night Ancestor was only the King of the Night in a hurry, temporarily using a group of essence and blood. Nirak was in it and could only passively accept it. The purpose of the King of the Night was to attract Nirak with the supreme power displayed in the inheritance. Therefore, despite the acceptance of the night ancestor, Nilak can only passively accept the inheritance of the original will when the blood cell essence is almost dispersed. If so, even if there is more essence and blood, Nilak can at most add a little bit of crystal to the core of the heart at the last moment. Fortunately, when he entered the space of the Holy Land, he also accepted the inheritance of his ancestors. Unlike the inheritance hastily laid down by the King of Night, the inheritance of the Earth Ancestor is incomplete, but it is only the source power that is incomplete. The earth ancestor takes the stone of the world as the source force,304 Stainless Steel Sheet, and the inheritance is complete in how to condense his own will in the inheritance. It is precisely because of this that Nirak can perceive a trace of the power of the world stone, and then through the core will of the heart, trigger the power of the world stone.

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