Crafting the perfect coffee and cheese pairings

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To fully appreciate the flavors and aromas when pairing coffee and cheese, Andy advises letting the cheese warm to room temperature and emphasizes tasting the cheese before drinking the coffee. Bruno highlights the importance of serving the coffee at the right temperature and suggests identifying complementary or contrasting flavor profiles, like sweet and salty. He recommends starting with a visual inspection and using your senses to touch and smell the cheese, tasting each separately before combining.


Andy notes that the brewing method, whether espressomilk coffee, or filter coffee, influences the flavor profile and guides cheese pairing choices. He explains that cheese's texture and persistent flavor create a lingering taste sensation, which is crucial for pairing.

Bruno cites the harmonious combination of Queijo Minas Artesanal do Cerrado from Brazil with natural Brazilian coffee, noting the balance between sweetness, acidity, and saltiness. Andy adds that medium and dark roasts pair well with rich blue cheeses, Parmesan, Gruyère, and Lincolnshire Poacher, while milky coffees with creamy textures and caramel or fruit flavors go well with Gouda and Vintage Red Leicester.​

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