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Chen Xinyuan frowned and reached out to press the bottle: "Wine is not like you drink." Can make a man so depressed, in addition to career, is love, and you have not been very ambitious career. Are you still obsessed with blue ice? The color of pain in Yunshao's eyes was even stronger. He grabbed the bottle from Chen Xinyuan's hand, turned his head and looked out of the window, and drank it in a big gulp. Chen Xinyuan broke the bottle with one punch, and then kicked Yun Shao in the stomach. He kicked him to the ground and shouted, "Waste, for a woman, as for it?" Cloud less low roar, jumped toward Chen Xinyuan chest is a punch, Chen Xinyuan beat back a few steps in a row, two people began to fight, each brandishing a bastard fist toward each other on the face, soon the simple living room turned into a mess, during which two people heard the sound of bagpipes for dinner, but ignored, and Parker was also delayed by something. Didn't come as promised. Adu outside the house looked very happy, "hit the bottom, hit the bottom, with knees, oh,massage bathtub manufacturers, really stupid." Later, both of them had no strength to fight. They lay on the ground together, panting and looking at the ceiling, laughing at the same time. Yun Shao laughed and coughed and said, "Yes, you are really strong now.". It's a pity that I drank too much, otherwise I would have done you down. "Just blow it." After fooling around for a while, Chen Xinyuan felt that he would vent a lot of depression after entering the game. He could quickly reverse the mood of a person in adversity,jacuzzi suppliers, except for women, only brothers. Why are you here, too? Drinking all day at home, my father was afraid that I would be ruined, so he took me out of the house. At first I thought I was going to be sent to a nursing home or an alcohol rehabilitation center or something, but I didn't think I was sent to play games. Do you remember Blue Ice's face? I have only a vague impression that she is beautiful when she smiles. Chen Xinyuan knows that the more reluctant he is to touch the wound, the more painful it will be if it floats occasionally. He might as well take it out to bask in the sun from time to time. In the end, he will be numb, and it will be easier to have a good attitude. Silence for a long time, cloud little eyes blurred way: "How can I forget, but every time I think of the heart will be very painful, almost can not breathe, do you know the feeling of heartache?"? I thought I was going to die every time. Then he went to get the bottle. Remembering that Chen Xinyuan had broken it, he sighed: "When did your fist become so hard? Did you work hard in the novice training camp?" Chen Xinyuan did not pay attention to Yun Shao's question, but just clung to it: "Lan Bing, whirlpool hot tub ,endless swim pool, you see her character seems to be very gentle, sometimes in fact, her character is very strong, and it is easy to lose her temper.." Yun Shao turned sideways. "I don't want to continue this topic, and why do you speak ill of a dead soul?" I didn't speak ill of her. Because you love her, and she is dead, so all you want is to become her good, just like many people think that their first lover is better than their present wife, but in fact, you just think of her as a perfect person in your heart. The more you think so, the more painful your heart will be. In fact, she is also an ordinary person. She will lose her temper, do wrong things, and often behave naively. Cloud less a fish jump then lift Chen Xinyuan, right hand bucket light shining, Chen Xinyuan threw out heavily. No good play to see, Adu sat on the steps to step on ants to play, did not expect a person to open the door rolled out, he was startled, fixed his eyes but found that it was Chen Xinyuan. Chen Xinyuan quickly stood up and rushed into the room. Before he left, he did not forget to close the door. He said to Yun Shao, who was breathing heavily, "Pain is like a spring. If you are weak, it will be strong. If you are strong, it will be weak.". As long as you can face it, face yourself, and add a little courage, you can overcome it. What you are most afraid of is that you have become a painful friend. Do you still enjoy this painful feeling in your heart? Do you think that this can alleviate your fault? Bi Yuntao, I tell you that the person Lan Bing loves is me, and I killed her. Do you feel heartache for her? You are not qualified for this. !” The color of pain on Yun Shao's face was even stronger, and the golden light of his right fist hit Chen Xinyuan's face. Chen Xinyuan did not dodge, but looked at him coldly. The fist stopped in front of Chen Xinyuan, and the strong wind shook Chen Xinyuan's facial muscles. Yun Shao lowered his head and took a few breaths. He turned around and said in a deep voice, "I know you are for my own good, but I want to be alone now." Chen Xinyuan sighed, patted Yun Shao on the shoulder, walked out of the room, sat down beside Adu, and said angrily, "What are you looking at? What's there to see?" "It's really beautiful, especially when a man rolled just now." Adu laughed and said, "It's not a waste to come to this game to see that everything is under control." Chen Xinyuan suddenly looked strange: "This is you and Yun Shao. Is the tough female mage next door Xu Xiaomi?" "Who else but her?"! I didn't expect the four of us to get together so soon. The Dragon and Tiger Mountain was so noisy that I thought I wouldn't see you for a while! Dragon and Tiger Mountain, Dragon and Tiger Mountain. It seems to have been a lifetime ago! Yeah, I heard you almost got killed that time. It's a pity to be able to engage in a hero with little heart. "Unfortunately, I killed him in the end." Chen Xinyuan touched his forehead and murmured, only to feel scattered thoughts flying, and finally completely immersed in memories. When Adu saw Chen Xinyuan fall into silence, he also pulled out a grass stem and chewed it in his mouth. Then he lay down with his hands as a pillow,endless pool swim spa, looking at the white clouds floating in the sky, feeling the warm golden sunshine, and his thoughts returned to a few days ago. And the cloud in the room is not thinking about the fierce fight that changed their fate a few days ago. What mistakes did Chen Xinyuan make? Who the hell is Blue Ice? The twenty-fifth chapter of the main text (the first watch) Updated: 2011-04-15 01:00:00 Words in this chapter: 2959. monalisa.com

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