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As soon as Tom arrived in Bangor, he hurried to the car rental shop. The lady there looked nervously at his black and blue face and told him that there was no taxi and that she was sorry. Tom Bought a newspaper at the newsstand, turned to the ads, and underlined three choices. After only two phone calls, I got in touch with a car seller. It's just a pile of junk: the transmission is humming, the whole body is squeaking, and the brakes are not working. It doesn't matter. He drove the car to a parking lot and bought a parking space. He drove in, removed the license plate of a car on the side with a screwdriver, and installed it in the broken car he had just bought. At 10 P. m., he was driving east on Highway 2, with a map of Maine on his seat. The radio in the car was broken, so he drove quietly. It doesn't matter. He has a lot to think about anyway. Like, when he gets Beverly, how he's gonna torture her. He was sure,tape measure clip, sure, that he would find Beverly soon. Smoking. Oh, honey, with Tom. When Luo Bao was sleeping, you chose the wrong person. The question is this-what should be done with you? The battered Ford trudged along under the cover of night. Near Newport,Fiberglass tape measure, he found a grocery store that was still open and bought a pack of cigarettes. He threw his cigarette on the side seat and drove on. He drove slowly down Highway 7, looking for a fork in the road. Yeah, that's Highway 3. The sign reads: Delhi 15 km. He turned the corner and picked up speed. Glanced at the box of cigarettes and smirked. In the dim light of the car, his scarred face looked strange and horrible. Bought you cigarettes, Beverly, Tom thought. Oh, honey, a whole box. It's for you. When I catch you, my dear, I'll let you eat them one by one. If that Dunbon wants to try, Wheel tape measure ,fish measuring tape, I'll arrange it for him. No problem, Beverly. No problem at all. Tom felt much better for the first time since the bitch had hit him unawares and slipped away. 4 Audra Dumbon was on a British Airways flight to Maine. She was lucky to find out that British Airways Flight 23 from London to Los Angeles would stop for refueling at Bangor International Airport. That day was like a nightmare. Freddie, the producer of Penthouse. Firestone wants to talk to Bill as soon as he gets to work. Audra's stunt double caused a storm that day. As if stuntmen have a guild. The stuntwoman had finished her work for the week, so her guild demanded that Freddie sign a payslip or find another stunt double. But the problem is that there is no substitute actress who is more similar to Audra. So Freddie decided to ask an actor to act as a double. But the guild boss said it violated the guild's rules and was ist. Freddie is famous for his temper in the film circle. He got so angry that he threw the guild boss out. Then he went back to the office and thought about it for 20 minutes. Then he came out and asked for Bill. He wanted Bill to revise the scene to eliminate the fall down the stairs. Audra was forced to tell him that Bill was no longer in England. What Freddy was stunned. He looked at Audra like she was talking crazy. What did you say Audra timidly told him the whole story. She knew Freddie wouldn't believe her. So what now? Freddie asked her, and she just shook her head. "I can make peace with the guild owner," he said, "but what then?"? We have four more weeks of photography, and your husband is in Massachusetts — "Maine-" He waved his hand. No matter where. How can you live without him? "I" He leaned over. I like you, Audra. Ture. I like Bill too-even though he's made so much trouble. We can do the rest. If the script needs to be rewritten, I'll do it.. Even if he is not satisfied, he has only himself to blame. I can live without Bill, but I can't live without you. I'm not going to let you run back to America to find your man. I'm going to let you go all out. Can you do that? "I don't know." I don't know. But I want you to think about it. If you can act like a real actor and do your job, then we won't talk about it for a while, maybe until the shooting is finished. But if you leave, I won't stand on ceremony, although I am not a vindictive person. I'm telling you that if you give up, I promise you won't be able to survive in this circle. I'm very serious. You don't like that. "Right." She said weakly. Actually, she doesn't care about anything. She only has Bill in her heart. Freddie is a good man, but he doesn't understand feelings; all he cares about is his movies. He didn't see Bill's eyes. I didn't hear Bill stutter. OK He stood up. Let's go for a drink. She shook her head. I never drink. I want to go home and think about it. His eyes were fixed on her and he held the phone in one hand. I believe you intend to go to him. Freddie said, "I'll tell you, too, that was a terrible mistake, good girl." His nerves are a little out of whack, but he has a solid foundation. He will shake his foundation, but then he will come back. If he wanted you to go with him, he would have told you. "I haven't decided anything yet." Saying so, she knew in her heart that she had decided, even before she came to work this morning. "Take care, dear," Freddie reminded her. "Don't do anything you'll regret." She felt that he was putting pressure on her to yield, promise to do her job, and wait passively for Bill to come back. Or disappear into the black hole he came out of in the past. She went over and kissed him on the cheek. Goodbye, Freddie. When she got home,Horse weight lbs, she called British Airways and found out that ba # 23 had landed at Bangor, less than 50 miles from Delhi. Do you have a reservation for this flight, madam? Audra closed her eyes and heard Freddie's warning again.

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