Emperor tyrant

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In this moment, Kui Niu coin beast instantaneous position, at the same time roar, heard a loud "boom", in its roar, only to see a huge earth shield emerged from the ground, blocked in front of it. However, still heard a loud bang, the stinger instantly broke through the earth wall, the stinger instantly scratched the shoulder of Kui Niu, blood pouring, although Kui Niu can withstand the poison of giant scorpion, but it is still greatly affected, its blood turned black. "Boom" a loud noise, in the moment of being stabbed by the stinger, Kui Niu coin beast also suddenly furious, suddenly entered the state of violent advance, heard its "whine" a roar, heard a "crackle" sound, only to see in an instant countless huge lightning and thunder gathered in front of it, as if he had caught countless huge lightning and thunder in one hand. Between the stone fire and lightning, I saw countless lightning and thunder suddenly congealed into a huge heavenly sword in front of the Kui Niu coin beast, the whole huge heavenly sword was so bright that it illuminated the world and penetrated the world, and what was more terrible was that I saw the runes of the road flashing in the heavenly sword condensed by lightning and thunder. Just like this heavenly sword, it not only condenses all the power of lightning and thunder, but also has the initial power of the road. A coin beast, unexpectedly like a psychic,Brushed Stainless Steel Sheet, it is also like a monk strong general control the power of the road, no longer rely on instinctive talent, such a coin beast, it is terrible, once one day strong, will become a God. With a bang, I saw the Heavenly Sword of the Kui Niu Coin Beast swing down, splitting the sky and destroying the sun and the moon. When I heard the sound of "click", I saw the Heavenly Sword cut down and split the thick carapace of the giant turtle. The stinger was like lightning,stainless steel welded pipe, even faster than lightning. At the moment when the carapace of the giant tortoise was cut to pieces, the support of the giant scorpion had arrived. Its poisonous tail came like lightning in an instant and went straight to the throat of Kui Niu Coin Beast. Kui Niu coin beast had to give up the giant tortoise, roared, turned around and killed the giant scorpion. All of a sudden, the three huge coin beasts hit the sky and the earth, and blasted each other to death. Although the Kui Niu coin beast was powerful, under the perfect cooperation of the giant scorpion and the giant tortoise, the Kui Niu coin beast did not take any advantage, but sometimes fell into the downwind. Just as the three-headed coin beasts were fighting, not far from them, there was a dark cave, which was as dark as the big mouth of the prehistoric beast. Although Kui Niu Coin Beast fought so hard that the sky collapsed, the surrounding mountains were shattered, the earth was fragmented, and even the big stars in the sky were shattered, it was strange to say that only this dark cave was still intact, even if it was so far away from the battlefield, it was not damaged at all. After the arrival of Li Qiye, he saw the scene in front of him, 304 stainless steel wire ,304 Stainless Steel Bar, and Kui Niu Coin Beast also saw the arrival of Li Qiye, but they did not pay attention to Li Qiye. They still fought fervently until the sky collapsed. Seeing such a scene in front of him, Li Qiye just smiled and did not look at them much. His eyes fell on the dark cave. At this time, Li Qiye smiled and walked slowly to the cave, which was the place he was looking for. "Just as Li Qiye approached the dark cave, he heard the giant tortoise and the giant scorpion roaring at the same time. At that moment, both the giant tortoise and the giant scorpion gave up the Kui Niu coin beast at the same time and rushed to Li Qiye at the very same time." Poof- "sounded, in this flash of lightning, the fastest is the giant scorpion, stinger like lightning straight to Li Qiye's throat.". Faced with the lightning stinger, Li Qiye's eyes froze and heard a "buzz" sound, which was very weak, just like the sound of flowers blooming, so weak that most people could not hear it at all. In this moment, Li Qiye was already holding a sword in his hand, but it was hard to see. It was a transparent sword, which could be said to be invisible. The whole sword was so thin that it was hard to imagine. It was tens of millions of times thinner than a piece of paper. The sound of "sand-" sounded, and at the moment when the stinger came, the sword in Li Qiye's hand had been waved out, and his movements were like flowing clouds and flowing water, at one go, just like a cook. Finally, there was a sound of "sand", and Li Qiye was still standing there, but at this time he had already closed his sword. With a loud bang, when Li Qiye closed his sword, the giant tortoise rushed over, and its huge tortoise feet stepped on Li Qiye mercilessly. Li Qiye did not even blink an eyelid, the sword in his hand waved out again, the action at one go, it seems that there is no move, just like Pao Ding Xie Niu. When Li Qiye stood there again, everything seemed silent, as if even the air had solidified, only to see the giant tortoise and the giant scorpion standing there motionless. After a while, the sound of "click, click, click" was heard, and the giant tortoise and scorpion were dismembered, every joint of the body cracked, the whole body fell apart, and it was very neat and perfect, as if it was an art. In the blink of an eye, the bones of the giant tortoise and the giant scorpion were scattered on the ground, and there was no more sound. Li Qiye is very insipid, looking at this scene in front of him, just smiled, at this time the crystal sword in his hand also disappeared. Crystal sword, this is the name of the sword in Li Qiye's hand, more accurately, it is not a real sword, it is kendo, but such a kendo condensed into a sword in Li Qiye's hand. Chapter 2412 Stop Sword. ? The sword is transparent And the blade is incredibly thin, it seems that such a sword is thinner than any film, so thin that even the naked eye can not see it. Crystal sword, this is not a sword, this is just the kendo in Li Qiye's heart, just like the bronze sword Li Qiye used when he fought against the lonely sword God,brushed stainless steel sheet, this is not a sword, but kendo, even beyond the kendo itself. sxthsteel.com

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