Evil god red cloud biography

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After Hongyun offered the killer's mace, Tiandao and Hongjun Daozu, who had been watching the three realms, gasped. Perhaps the saints could not find the power of the fierce sword of Tianzhu, but Tiandao and Hongjun Daozu, who existed as an order, could feel the boundless killing of Tianzhu's fierce sword. Hongyun's threat to them with this sword in hand was even greater. Sword, Heaven and Hongjun Daozu all had such an idea in their hearts. It was normal for them to have such an idea in the face of such a magic weapon and in the hands of their enemies. But soon they gave up the idea again. They knew exactly who Hongyun was. Hongyun dared to reveal this treasure in the three realms at this time. Would it be a conspiracy? A plot against the two of them to get back at them. Sometimes people are suspicious, perhaps this is the nature of higher creatures, have this idea they can only find another way, such a fierce sword born will have a huge celestial phenomena, and the only celestial phenomena that have appeared is the great change in chaos, Hongyun has practiced three corpses, and this fierce sword has three talents of heaven, earth and man, can it be said that this fierce sword is made by Hongyun himself? Both of them were shocked at the thought of it. Although the red cloud is the first refining master of the three realms, but let them believe that such a fierce sword against the sky is made by the red cloud, this can not let them agree, this is too incredible, soon they abandoned the idea. Hongyun has such a fierce sword in his hand, and it is very difficult to clean up Hongyun again with the treasure of Chaos'Thirty-six Grades of Chaos Green Lotus', which can give Tiandao and Hongjun Daozu a headache. Stimulated by Hongyun, Hongjun Daozu finally did what he had never dared to do, thoroughly melting the treasure of order'Jade Dish of Creation ', only in this way can he have the ability to suppress Hongyun, and also have the ability to fight with Tiandao, seize the power of the other half of the order,Walking measuring wheel, and thoroughly grasp the order. Although Hongjun Daozu mastered the order with his body and the way of heaven, he did not fully grasp the treasure of order. Hongjun Daozu did not think that the jade dish of creation, as the companion treasure of the way of heaven, could not be so easily grasped in his own hands, so Hongjun Dao Zu did not dare to use his own primordial spirit to integrate into the treasure of inheritance. Worried about the conspiracy of heaven, but now he has no choice, do not do so, when the red cloud grows up, he will be unable to fight with the red cloud. Hongjun Daozu made such a choice, and Tiandao can not be without any reaction, only'thirty-six grades of chaos Qinglian'Tiandao did not worry about their own safety, but to see the fierce sword against heaven, the boundless murderous look made Tiandao feel the power of death and destruction, so that his life was threatened by death. Tiandao has not inherited the treasure'Creation Jade Dish 'has always been competing with Hongjun Daozu for its own cultivation. In the chaotic world, Diameter tape measure ,Adhesive fish ruler, Tiandao failed to kill Hongyun under a blow, which made him feel the defect of not having a treasure in hand. However, the treasure is not so easy to find, let alone suitable for himself. The heart is a ruthless way of heaven to make a fusion of three thousand chaotic gods and demons, in order to increase their own cultivation. Among the three thousand chaotic gods and demons, there is a powerful three-eyed God and demon, who is one of the most powerful of the three thousand gods and demons. The law of destruction is very powerful, especially his death pupil, which has boundless power. The power of the death pupil is no worse than any chaotic treasure. Being illuminated by the death pupil can directly destroy a person's soul. Direct attack on the soul of the law of destruction that is so fierce, although the way of heaven has always had this idea, but he has been afraid to make this determination, now he is also no way to go can only make such a choice in order to protect himself. [Text Chapter 476 Bloody and Crazy] Chapter 476 Bloody and Crazy Chapter 476 Bloody and Crazy As soon as the intention to kill came out, Hongyun said with a sneer, "Today, I will let you know the depth of heaven and earth. I will let you know that my dignity cannot be provoked. I will frighten the three realms with your life." As soon as Hongyun's words fell, the three realms were shocked. Tu Sheng, this is the only thought in everyone's mind. Hot Book Pavilion www.reshuge.com Red Cloud has slaughtered this saint, beheaded the three corpses of the Zhunti Saint Bodhi Patriarch, and this time Red Cloud wants to kill the saint again, this time it's not the three corpses of the saint but the saint's own, no one doubts that Red Cloud is joking when he sees the killing intention of Red Cloud rising from the sky, and for a time the three realms are silent. Everyone watched the event in silence. At this time, Tongtian Sect Leader also put down his attention to Nu Wa Empress and watched the battle between Hongyun and Jieyin Sage, but Tongtian Sect Leader did not know that it was he who relaxed his attention to Nu Wa Empress and gave Hongyun a chance to kill Nu Wa. Originally, everyone thought that under such circumstances, the evil corpse of Red Cloud, which had been on the earth star, would leave the earth star, but things disappointed them. The evil corpse of Red Cloud was not as stable as Mount Tai as they thought, which made the hearts of the immortals in the three realms heavier. If Red Cloud's mind was not 100% sure, how could he be so. Zhunti sage, who had been fighting with Zhenyuanzi in Wuzhuang Temple, was also worried about this, but this time his heart was extremely regretful. It was unknown whether it was good or bad for the West to provoke such a fight, but they shouldn't be so greedy. They wanted to seize the innate Lingbao of Suirenshi and others, which triggered the bloody battle. At the moment, Hongyun was not in the mood to take into account the thoughts of the immortals. His evil corpse did not leave the earth star, nor was it like what the immortals in the three realms thought, and Hongyun could not get away. He was worried that the Deification List would fall into the hands of others. As soon as the killing world came out, Jieyin Sage once again saw the power of Red Cloud's killer's mace. This time, the killing world was different from that seen by Jieyin Sage with three corpses. This time, the killing world was very perfect. Such a perfect world only needed a little sacrifice to be a small thousand worlds. There is a boundless murderous look in this small world, and more importantly, with the evolution of the fierce sword of'Tianzhu ',Pi tape measure, he will hopefully become the existence of the small world that Hongyun has sacrificed with the innate three talents. But in this small world, it's all about killing, killing all the time. tapemeasure.net

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