Experience in betting on total goals in football betting

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Coming to reputable bookmakers without considering high-quality football betting matches is truly regrettable. Not only do they offer attractive odds, but one of the standout options is the total goals bet. Read the article below to learn more detailed information!

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What is the total goals bet?

The decisive factor in the outcome of a match is the total number of goals scored by both teams during the game. Therefore, to diversify their betting options, bookmakers have introduced the total goals bet with a very simple betting method.

You only need to predict the number of goals in a match and place your bet according to the available options provided by the bookmaker. If your bet wins after the match ends, the winnings will be directly credited to your account.

In addition to the popular total goals bet, there are other derivative bets of this type. Notable examples are the first-half total goals bet or the second-half total goals bet.

Tips for winning the total goals bet

If you have experience in accurate score betting, it will be an advantage when participating in the total goals bet. This is because by knowing the score, you can deduce the number of goals scored in the match.

According to the experience of seasoned players, a steady and consistent strategy should be applied to increase the chances of winning the total goals bet. Additionally, you can consider placing over/under bets in the range of 2 to 2.5.

Last but not least, do not forget to research detailed information about both teams to have an objective and rational view before placing your bet.

First-half total goals bet

This type of bet is relatively similar to the total goals bet for the entire match, with the difference being that it only takes into account the goals scored by both teams in the first half of the game. The remaining playing time will not be considered in the outcome of this bet.

Total goals bet in a match

Unlike regular types of bets where predictions and odds are given before the match takes place, in the total goals bet in a match, players participate in betting while the match is in progress.

Extra-time total goals bet

This bet is based on the number of goals scored by both teams in extra time. Typically, if the match requires extra time to be played, bookmakers will offer this betting option for players to participate.

Additional accompanying bets

To add more excitement and suspense, there are other popular types of accompanying bets that provide players with additional opportunities to profit.

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First team to score and final outcome

This bet requires players to determine which team will score first and the ultimate outcome of the match. Afterward, bets are placed on the corresponding option for that match.

Both teams to score

This type of bet is suitable for matches where both teams have an attacking style of play. Players place bets on whether both teams will score, regardless of the official playing time of the match.

Both teams to score in the first/second half

Similar to the both teams to score bet for the entire match, betting on both teams to score in the first/second half determines whether both teams will score goals in either the first or second half. According to experts, the chances of winning this type of bet are higher in the second half.

To keep a clean sheet

In this form of bet, players predict that a team will not concede any goals and place their bets on that team. Typically, the likelihood of winning larger bets is when players bet on defensive-minded teams.

Unlike the to keep a clean sheet bet, the win to nil bet requires the winning team to not concede any goals. Only when the bet is valid and the prediction is correct does the player achieve victory.

Most goals in the first half

For bets of this type, players need to predict the player who will score the most goals in the first half. It pertains to the overall team's result.

First goal scorer

This is also a type of bet where players have to predict which team/player will score the first goal in the match. With this bet, the chances of winning are high when betting on a team that plays an attacking style.

Both halves to score

In the both halves to score bet, players wager on a team or player who is likely to score goals in both halves. If both teams score but not in both the first and second halves, it will not be counted.

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Total goals bet is probably familiar to most online betting players. According to experts, to win this type of bet, players need to know how to analyze the positions and playing style of both teams. Analyzing the head-to-head history and selecting the safest odds for placing bets are essential. Good luck to all players!

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