Facial skincare

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Recommended Facial Skincare Devices

Facial device is a special care product that allows you to easily tighten and moisturize your skin at home. It is a useful item for those who want to have smooth and youthful looking skin. There are various types and functions of facial equipment, and many people may be confused about which one to choose.

In this article, we will introduce some of the most recommended facial device in a ranking format. We will also explain what to look for when choosing a facial device, so you can find the perfect item for you.

What is a facial device?

A facial device is a convenient item that allows you to achieve beautiful skin through simple special care at home. You can also share it with your family if you have one.

There are various types of facial devices such as EMS and RF facial device, facial rollers, face steamers, and introduction facial equipment. There is also a wide range of products that use ultrasound, electric current, and steam. The effects that can be expected are different, so please try to use the item that has the effect you are looking for to achieve your ideal skin.

How to choose a facial care device

Types of facial device

EMS and RF are used to support skin care and facial muscle training.

EMS and RF are perfect for supporting skin care and facial muscle training. RF uses the fine vibrations of radio waves to generate heat, which heats the skin from the outside. It is characterized by the fact that you can feel the warmth while treating your skin with almost no pain.

RF facial care device that uses EMS is an item that helps to strengthen facial muscles by approaching them with electrical stimulation. This can cause tingling and pain, so be careful if you have sensitive skin or want to use a low-irritation treatment.

Introductory facial appliances and face steamers recommended for use before toning

Introductory facial toners and face steamers are the perfect items for pre-lotion care.

Facial toners use the power of electricity to make it easier for the beauty ingredients in the lotion to reach every corner of the keratinized skin. It also helps high-molecular-weight ingredients, which are difficult to penetrate into the stratum corneum when using manual skincare, to reach every corner of the stratum corneum.

In addition, most facial steamers are equipped with a derivative function that absorbs dead skin cells and dirt, and can be expected to remove dirt that cannot be removed by cleansing and face washing.

Face steamers are designed to moisturize and soften the skin by applying warm steam to the skin. When used before applying lotion, it helps beauty ingredients penetrate into the stratum corneum.

Water peeling is used to support the cleaning of pore dirt and keratin plugs.

Water peeling is characterized by the power of water and ultrasonic waves to remove old keratin and dirt from the skin surface. It is recommended for those who want to take care of pore dirt, keratin plugs, and skin roughness.

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