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………… In the spring of another year, many students almost tried their best to win a good future. On the throne, some people were frustrated and some were proud. The man who was ranked second in the list had a bitter face. In the imperial examination of the Kingdom of Cloud, the first is the Number One Scholar, and the second and third are all the Number One Scholar. The flower exploration is not an official name. This is mainly because the students who enter the imperial examination have to enter the imperial garden. The Kingdom of Cloud has always had the custom of hairpin flowers. The three tripods will break off their favorite flowers and wear them. Among them, the most beautiful one is called flower exploration. This time, it was the man who was ranked second in the list. He really made the other students dim, gentle and handsome, but not feminine. Just standing there, people could not help but look away. However, the problem of Yunguoyan control has existed since the founding of the country. Nowadays, those who are not well-looking can't even do the imperial examination. Even middle-aged and old ministers still have the habit of hunting and practicing swords. They can't find a middle-aged fat man, which shows their pursuit of beauty. It is reasonable to say that they should have been immune to Tanhualang, but this time Tanhualang was too handsome and had no engagement, so the more the emperor looked at him, the more he liked him. With a stroke of his pen, he married his most beautiful daughter. At that time, people always had the custom of catching a son-in-law on the list, but these people also knew that they had never played the idea of those young Junjie. They never thought that they had escaped the matchmaker, the relatives, and the red line led by their teacher, but they overturned on the holy ground. After all, golden words, if asked in private, there is still room for manoeuvre, but now the die is cast. But he has a good reason not to get married! Chapter 96 a woman disguised as a man [1]. Tanhualang has a secret that can't be known by others, and this secret is why he doesn't want to get married. He's a woman! It's a long story. Although Yunguo's restrictions on men and women are not too serious, even if there is a woman's private'outer room ', it's not a shocking thing, but the distinction in the family property is quite clear, the daughter has no inheritance rights, that is to say,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, if the father dies and there are no children in the family, even if there are dozens of daughters, the family property will be divided equally by the clan elders. When Tanhualang was not yet born, his father died because of a robbery on the road, and his mother was found to be pregnant at that time. When her family could not rely on her, she had no choice but to lie about the of the child. Tanhualang also studied like an ordinary boy and passed the imperial examination until now. No one knew about it except his mother. It is reasonable to say that under the premise of women disguised as men, in order to avoid exposure, she should not actually take part in the imperial examination, after all, the higher the position, the more serious the consequences of exposure, but to tell the truth, Tanhualang did not expect his imperial examination to be so high. Before the imperial examination, she thought that she would only pass the examination at most. After all, apart from the fact that she studied with the children of her clan when she was a child, what she learned from her teacher after that was just an old man in the mountains. She didn't teach her anything at all. Basically, Stainless Steel Square Pipe ,304 Stainless Steel Flat Steel, all the books were read and understood by herself. Apart from the fact that she could write well, Tanhualang didn't think she had anything to show off. Even in the examination room, Tanhualang did not pay much attention, just write casually, who knows that this is the case, she even went all the way to the palace examination, so that she could not help but doubt the level of this year's students. But it's no use talking about it now. Yu Jiao Jiao is regretting it now. Muddleheaded into the palace examination, Yu Jiao Jiao directly broke the pot at that time, also did not care whether the words offended people, who knows that this was instead taken a fancy to by the emperor, immediately married, it is no exaggeration to say that Yu Jiao Jiao was silly at that time. It was the favorite daughter of the emperor who was married. Even if Yu Jiao Jiao was in a small border town, she had heard the name of Princess Chaoyang. It is no exaggeration to say, not to mention the officials in the capital, even the prince has to temporarily avoid the edge when he sees her, so if she confesses to other princesses, she may have a way out, but when it comes to Princess Chaoyang, it is not necessarily. Although the cloud country is not without a woman as an official precedent, but that is a very special situation to create things, unless she has great talent, otherwise the emperor is very difficult to make an exception for this, not to mention this matter involves the emperor's favorite princess, the last prince, but because of offending her was abolished. But Yu Jiaojiao also knew that she could hide it for a while, but not for a lifetime. Instead of being discovered after the wedding, she might as well take the initiative to confess, so that at least her mother would be all right. She had thought a long time ago that it would be exposed, so she had made arrangements a long time ago. Even if she was gone, she could keep her mother safe for a lifetime. The heart made a decision, the fish Jiao Jiao also no longer delay, out of the palace, then let the driver go to the princess mansion. No one thought it was wrong. The country of cloud was a crazy scholar, and there were many scholars who had done something out of line. Even if it was a marriage granted by the emperor, it was not without the occurrence of things that made a scene in the throne room because they looked down on each other. Of course, people who dared to look down on each other were all cool after that. However, this habit has become a fashion. It has become a custom for engaged men and women to look at each other before marriage. If they didn't like each other before, Just in time to stop the loss, so as not to become a resentful woman after marriage. Of course, the emperor's marriage is certainly not to retreat, people think that the flower Lang is to prepare for themselves, after all, Chaoyang Princess is really notorious, but Yunguo Yan control too much, so even Chaoyang Princess character even the emperor can not say good without conscience, but she is not the existence of being avoided. In the eyes of some extreme face-judgers, bad character can be tolerated, but not good-looking, it is absolutely intolerable. From the private hobby of the founding emperor of Yunguo to today's popular hobby, it has to be said that Yunguo is also a place where people are judged by their appearance to the extreme. As a vested interest, Yu Jiao Jiao can't say anything about this unspoken rule. Unless one day there is an ugly but knowledgeable person in Yunguo, this kind of thing can never be changed. After all,Stainless Steel Welded Pipe, for a country, there are many talented people. Under the same conditions, why don't they choose the one who looks better? …… …………。 sxthsteel.com

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