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"Ahem!"! Ziyun, you're absolutely right. Leng Yuqiu nodded, has completely restored the usual calm, "let me try to figure out, Xu Hou Ye was imprisoned in the factory prison, Jiao San is the person in charge of my dozens of eyes.". "Dong Chong knew that Jiao San was one of mine, and he dared to arrest him. Obviously, he had obtained quite strong evidence, so he dared to be so bold." When Ziyun and Danfeng heard this, they could not help worrying. Others do not know about Leng Qianqiu, only they know all the inside stories, but also can see that Leng Yuqiu has a very deep feeling for the young, handsome and heroic Gongsun yuanbo. However, on the other hand, if the ghost saw Dong Chong had real evidence, why should he deal with Jiao San? You should report to Fang Shenggong directly and take me away. When she analyzed, Dan Feng Ziyun was totally unable to speak and could only listen in silence. It can be seen that the ghost saw that Dong Chong was not without evidence, but suffered from insufficient, so he had to squeeze out the truth from Jiao San's mouth. She took a breath, stood up again, and walked away. "Where are you going, Miss?" Asked Dan Feng. "I'm going to find Fang Shenggong. The sooner I find him, the sooner the crisis will disappear." "Miss," said Ziyun, "Lord Fang may not support you on official business." "I know, but he has to be fair until he has enough evidence!" Leng Yuqiu walked to the door, stopped, and then turned around and said, "You have to be careful. If I get arrested, you should know what to do." "What?" Ziyun exclaimed? Young lady,Whirlpool bathtub, do you want us to run away as soon as possible? No, I won't run away! "Yes, the maidservant won't go either. He must find a way to rescue you.". If not, then accompany the young lady together, live or die! Dan Feng said impassioned, a loyal, even in men, it is difficult to find such a character as her. All right, you wait here for my news. I think it's not easy for Fang Shenggong to find evidence at present. He won't do anything to me. Www.xiaoshUotxt.cOm Chapter 21 fierce battle in the desert txt? Small ? Say ? Paradise Fang Shenggong smiled insidiously, waved his hand, and one of his men who had come to report bowed out. What do you think? He looked around at the other people in the office room, including Aunt Lou, Sun Wang, and Liu Yihan. "I expected half of the reaction of the merciless fairy, but the other half was very unexpected." "I just don't know what surprised Lord Fang?" Aunt Lou asked, jacuzzi bath spa ,best whirlpool tub, "She came to see her in a hurry, and her subordinates thought it was reasonable." Of course, she will come to me, but she will come too soon. According to my guess, she heard the news that Xu Anbang, the Marquis of Fuping, had been imprisoned and that Dong Chong had caught Jiao San. If she didn't have evil intentions, she should have gone directly to Dong Chong's theory. Fang Shenggong paused for a moment and then said, "She didn't go to see Dong Chong right away. Obviously she has a ghost in her heart.". In that case, she can be compared to the unknown, see if I have sent someone to summon her. But she is not so, Dan Feng went in, she immediately came out, unexpectedly than Dong Chong to report the results of the action faster. "" Dong Chong hasn't come to report, "said Sun Wang, the Iron Rooster." It's probably because Jiao San hasn't made an offer yet. "Ahem!"! It was not easy to prove Leng Yuqiu's infidelity. Fang Shenggong said. She's about to arrive. You go out through this door and avoid it. Let me see what Leng Yuqiu has to say. All the people immediately stood up and saluted and went out. After a while, there was a knock on the door. Please come in! Fang Gugong gazed intently at the unclosed wooden door, only to see a pretty figure appearing in the middle of the open doorway, with a cool and graceful expression, which made people feel that she was not a human being in the secular world. He pushed away the thick files on the table, breathed a sigh of relief, and pointed to the chair next to him. "Yu Qiu, you're just in time." Ruthless Fairy Leng Yu Qiu looked sharply around the room and then sat down slowly. "Is Fang Dajin looking for me?" "No.". Your presence allows me to get away from some things for a while, and you can always make me so. ” He felt a certain insincerity in his voice, and could not help but be surprised, for he had always been able to tell lies without a plan, and his manner could be very natural and without hypocrisy. Why is it that it is a bit unusual now? Could it be that in the face of cold autumn, conscience feels guilty? Naturally, this is impossible. He has been wandering in Jianghu for decades. In recent years, he has been the soul of "East Factory". He has held the human rights of life and death for a long time. His conscience has long left no trace. Why should he be ashamed of it! What he couldn't figure out was exactly this point. Obviously, he was already a person who had no conscience and was used to hypocrisy. Why did it happen that he spoke insincerely? Leng Yuqiu gave a rare smile and said, "To tell you the truth, every time I hear Lord Fang's words, I can't help but be happy for a while." After her voice stopped, her smile quickly disappeared, and her eyes stared at Fang Shenggong like lightning: "You have always been very good to me, so I have always been absolutely loyal to you." "Oh!"! And now? "It hasn't changed now. I'll never do anything against you!" "That's good. I'm comforted to hear that." "But.." Leng Ganqiu hesitated for a moment, and when Fang Gugong had concentrated his attention and waited for her to go on, he continued to build: But I find that you seem to have changed, Lord Fang. If that's the case, I'll take this opportunity to leave. For one thing, I'll save you a lot of trouble. For another, I'm not young. I should leave this place. Fang Gugong was silent for a long time. It was obvious that he was considering the matter carefully. He knew how to deal with the situation, but the tricks and lies could not be used. Why is this happening? He couldn't help being puzzled. Lord Fang, will you let me go? "Yu Qiu, you are my right hand, so is the past, so is the present.". Alas! Some things in the world are often inconvenient to talk about. "What is not convenient to talk about?" Leng Yuqiu was really surprised. She only knew that there was nothing that could not be solved in his hands,endless pool factory, not to mention just talking about it. 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