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Keto Advanced feels what is my mindset my feeling how will i feel doing it and then you even forget to lay to very much also thank you very much to miss murphy for asking me to do this episode sharing my weight to explain it more towards all of you i hope it wasn't over your heads but um anyway thank you um thank you so much great lecture thank you thank you dr fetterman really appreciate your time have a good night safe everybody please and and hopefully in six months we'll be able to go outside again hopefully all right thank you bye what is it three fried eggs that's for you for me and one tallow you get i get two eggs you get two fried eggs and three tablespoons of lard for you remember okay there's yours and all the lardy goodness you get to keep it all [Applause] you weight regain kind of slowly it's very very important to do that and these people that are metabolically adapted to super low calories or unquote have 

Keto Advanced Reviews or try it try one that's not as severe but play around with it i like that if i had to recommend one single book for weight loss i like the one by lay norton and i've read them all i've literally have a library full of over 40 or 50 books on weight loss but the one by elaine norton pretty much goes through a lot of stuff we're talking about here and has the same philosophy the guy is a uh very very uh brilliant when it comes to uh weight loss i would like to conclude with the golden pyramid of fat loss the most important thing here is a calorie deficit this is completely non-negotiable you have to be in a calorie deficit to lose fat i'm not about weight loss just fat loss your protein intake needs to be 0.7 and 1.2 grams per pound of lean body mass you got to lift some weights sleep is important for your body to rebuild and restructure and then cardio if necessary towards the end and this is more for physique athletes if you are trying to get super lean at the end don't use up your cardio in the beginning because your body adapts to it wait till those last few weeks where you really want to get shredded and get your body fat percentage below

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