Discussion about the laser pointer on the market

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Discussion about the laser pointer on the market

Some manufacturers are selling indicators with parallel blue Laser pointer diodes that can measure power of more than 1500 milliwatts. However, since the power of the claimed "laser pointer" product also includes infrared power (only in diode pumping technology) is still in the beam (for reasons discussed below), based on the stricter visible blue DPSS type components Information that the laser still has problems is usually not applicable. Due to the use of higher neodymium harmonics, the frequency multiplication conversion efficiency is low. A small part of the infrared power is in the optimal configuration of the semiconductor pump module. The conversion rate of 473 nm blue laser is usually 10-13%, which is about half. Typical green laser (20-30%).

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The blue laser engraver can also directly generate indium gallium nitride semiconductor to generate blue light without frequency doubling. There are (447±5 nm) blue laser diodes on the market. The device is bright, the same as a violet laser diode with a power less than 405 nm, because the longer wavelength is closer to the peak sensitivity of the human eye. The mass production of laser projectors for commercial equipment (such as laser diodes) has brought down prices. The popular high-power (1W) 447 nm indicator also has an improved optical version with better collimation and lower divergence, which is comparable to the use of these portable devices, and reduces related problems. The intention and cost of human injury. Competitiveness of laser wavelength.

When using the blue laser pointer function, do not directly irradiate people's eyes, otherwise it may cause burns or blindness. In particular, laser beams with a power exceeding 5mw irradiate human eyes directly for a long time and greatly increase the possibility of blindness. Therefore, we must be careful not to let children play. Please pay attention to the warning sign on the battery cover when purchasing.

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