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Longyou Jiedushi and Jiannan Dao, of course, had no responsibility. Li Min pressed their hands and said, "Lord Xiang, please help the Third Master." Li Fengyao was pressed heavily, and his heart was also heavy. Everyone had to help the third master, just like the big master at that time. What is the difference between the first master and the third master apart from their identities? Li Fengyao straightened his back with a sincere and solemn expression: "Please help me, Lord Xiang." Xiang Yun lowered his eyes and answered yes. To assist is to give priority to others and follow oneself. This is different from control. To control means that people in Jiannan Dao should obey him and give priority to him. Looking at Xiang Yun, Li Min's heavy shoulders loosened. If he chose, of course he would choose Xiang Yun to take charge of Jiannan Road. This is a choice that a normal person would make. It is crazy to choose Master Li San. However, since it is the eldest lady who wants to go crazy, of course he will go crazy. The young lady did not allow Xiang Yun to participate in the affairs of Jiannan Dao, but also drove Xiang Yun to Nanyi. Although Yan Mao died, the situation of Jiannan Dao was urgent, but the young lady did not make it clear that he would not let Xiang Yun take over Jiannan Road. The three people in the hall held hands, and the officials looked much more relaxed, but the two officials who followed Xiang Yunlai looked at each other, and one of them stood up: "Third Master, other daily documents are easy to say, but now at the beginning of the year, Jiannan Dao needs to make last year's military affairs, including troops, fortresses, equipment,steatite c221, supplies and so on, as well as this year's expenditure estimates." There is also a detailed amount of grain tax and miscellaneous service warehouse for civil affairs, which is related to the operation of the whole Jiannan Dao. Li Fengyao had a big head when he heard half of it, and the other documents were not easy to say. After listening to this pile of requirements related to counting that he did not understand, he was already confused. What a joke! Do you still need to do this when you are a military governor? To be a military governor, of course, you need to do this kind of thing. To be a military governor, you need to do a lot of things. Even if you don't have to do a lot of things yourself, you have to know and even master everything that others do. Li Fengan is proficient in everything,ceramic igniter electrodes, so he can hold Jiannan Road firmly in his hands, but there is only one Li Fengan in the world, Li Min is not Li Fengan. Li Min's shoulders became stiff, and a layer of flush appeared on his face, which made his appearance look younger and more beautiful. If it was before, no matter how difficult it was, he had thousands of ways to shirk and resolve it, but this matter could not be done. It could not be done perfunctorily. He could not even say a joke. Li Fengyao could not wait for Li Min's voice behind him, and his expression became even more confused. He clenched Xiang Yun's hand. Won't Li Min? But it doesn't matter. Xiang Yun is also a military governor. Li Min saw Li Fengyao slowly open his mouth, know what he wants to say, this matter to Xiang Yun is no problem, if this matter to Xiang Yun, then the next year's Jiannan Road will be held in the hands of Xiang Yun.. Li Min's hand hanging at his side turned into a fist. Now he couldn't open his mouth, nor could he let Master Li San open his mouth. He could only knock Master Li San out and shut him up, although that didn't solve the problem. Which company's amount do you want? A voice asked. The voice was old and full of greasy joy, like a shop that had not opened for a long time and finally met a guest. Li Min, like a lost man dying of thirst, cordierite c520 ,alumina c799, finally saw a pedestrian with a big bucket of cool spring. He plunged into it: "Lin, why did you come out?" Everyone looked at the door, and a thin old man was slowly crossing the threshold, holding not a barrel, but a basket, in which there was a pile of books dangling. Chapter 24 clearly understand the forest. There were ten people in the hall, eight of whom, including Li Fengyao, did not recognize the old man, but everyone knew the name that Li Min called out. Lin, Li Fengan's bookkeeper. Life can not be separated from accounts, big family has a big account room, small door has a small account book, the government side of the people's parents, in charge of a place is also a family, more can not be separated from the account room. Jiannan Dao Fu Dao Liu Cao Liu Si each has an accounting room, Li's house business also has an accounting room, but Li Fengan has only one accounting room, whether it is Fu Dao or house accounts, are gathered in the hands of one person, Li Fengan only asked him one person. Lin, the origin is unknown, only know from Li Fengan when Lantian county magistrate followed, but he rarely appeared in front of people, and Xiang Yun Yan Mao this kind of lieutenant subordinate officer is not the same, and yuan Ji Li Min osmanthus this kind of attendant is not the same, especially after came to Jiannan Road, is living in seclusion. Li Fengan gave him a courtyard in Li's house, and all the accounts of Jiannan Road would be sent there first, where they would be disposed of and then transferred back to Li Fengan, and Li Fengan would make a judgment. There were a lot of servants in that house, all of whom were good at calculation. They were busy transporting account books, checking accounts, passing messages, and going in and out, but Lin almost never came out. He didn't even go to see Li Fengan, or the servants ran errands to send messages, or Li Fengan simply came by himself. Many people have only heard of Lin's name, never seen him in person, no one has seen him settle accounts, and some people speculate that Lin may be dead, those accounts are actually done by Li Fengan himself. Accumulated a pile of things, Yan Mao is gone, no one to take, I can only send out. Lin complained like all old people of his age, "I'm so tired of my old bones." Li Min took the basket he was dragging and complained: "Who told you not to call me?" "I don't know where you are." The old man hated being refuted, and immediately complained, "You young people can't sit still." Xiang Yun stepped forward and said, "Old Lin." Lin narrowed his eyes and looked at him. His thin body was bent and he was about to salute him. "It's Lord Xiang." Instead of helping him, Xiang Yun turned sideways and said, "No, no. Just pretend you didn't see me. You don't like to come out to see people. You just don't like to talk to people." Lin Hei Hei smiled and squinted to make the appearance that he could not see clearly. Sure enough, he did not worship any more, nor did he take Xiang Yun's words again. It seemed that he really did not see Xiang Yun: "What does any adult want?" The official who had spoken before hesitated to repeat what he had said. Pointing to the basket,ceramic bobbin heater, Lin said, "According to the usual practice, the first thing to do is to prepare for war." Li Min turned up her fingers and rummaged in the basket: "Which one?"? You put it in a mess. Why don't you put it in order? 。

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