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"I have nothing to do with him." Ji Changkong shook his head and thought about it. In the distance, there was a deafening roar from the peaks. Small peaks flew over and surrounded him. Nine changes in ancient times! As soon as Shang Shaowu's face changed, he hummed, "Did you say it had nothing to do with Yang Haili?"? If you weren't his disciple, how could you perform the ancient nine changes? Shang Shaowu looked up at the mountains that were flying over, and his face was uncertain, as if he had some scruples. I have no intention of making enemies with your Shang family, as long as Shang Bingjie. Ji Changkong frowned, he did not know what relationship Shang Shaowu and Yang Haili had, but he did not want to borrow the name of Yang Haili and the Shang family. Hum! Although the ancient nine changes array is powerful, your array is obviously unable to unfold the profound meaning of the ancient nine changes array. When you refine this array, you lack dozens of scarce materials, and you only have the cultivation of the state of wishful thinking. At most, you wield 60% of the power of the array! Shang Shaowu seems to know the ancient Jiubianjue array very well. What he said was true. When he first refined the ancient Jiubianjue Array, he was still in the land of the Five Elements, and there were indeed a lot of materials that were difficult to collect. At that time, his cultivation was also too weak, and although the array had been developed, it was far from being able to display its real power. "I don't know Yang Haili, but I think he's dead." Ji Changkong hesitated for a moment and said,endless swim spa, "It's also possible that he was reincarnated like you. When I got the Tianyuan bead, he had only a wisp of soul left in it, and I refined it to death. I got the method of condensing the ancient nine changes from his memory. Strictly speaking, he and I are still enemies." "Refining to death?" Shang Shaowu smiled coldly and said disdainfully, "Yang Haili was at the peak of the realm of communication with the gods. He was known as the first person in the realm of communication with the gods. Even if he had only a silk spirit left, you couldn't refine it to death. Are you sure that what you refined to death was a wisp of his spirit?" "I understand what it means to be a spirit in the realm of the gods." Ji Changkong's expression did not change. He said casually, "However, I happen to have mastered the Sickle Soul Song of the Purgatory Ghost Clan. I heard that the profound meaning of the Sickle Soul Song can not only refine the soul,5 person hot tub, but also eliminate the soul seal. I don't know if that's the case." As soon as the words came out, Shang Shaowu suddenly changed color and exclaimed, "It's impossible!"! How can you master the soul song of the Purgatory Ghosts? This profound meaning can only be used by the people of the Purgatory Ghost Clan, but not by outsiders at all! "How about we make a deal?" Ji Changkong suddenly laughed, "You tell me about Yang Haili and Tianyuanzhu, and I tell you why I can perform the soul song, how about that?" "To blame!" The sound of breaking the air suddenly came from a distance. Not long after, a line of five masters of the Shang family, carrying the three sisters of the night, slowly appeared. The five masters of the Shang family all had the cultivation of Nirvana. Farther away, there were a dozen ice slaves with a cold look, looking at here from afar. Ye Meizi's three sisters, their long eyelashes are already misty, and the essence in their bodies must be frozen. As a master of the Shang family, 4 person jacuzzi ,garden jacuzzi tub, after he came over, he bowed to the cliff and others one by one, and immediately said, "These three sisters were caught by us before they flew away from the star of the south.". Uh There was no sound from his nostrils. He waved his hand and said, "Put the man down. Go back." "Yes." The man respectfully threw the three Yemeizi sisters into the middle of the cliff and others, and immediately left without looking back. Shang Wuya, Shang Jiaozhi, Shang Mu and Shang Luohai were guarding Ye Meizi, while Shang Shaowu was standing opposite Ji Changkong. Although the three sisters of Ye Meizi were imprisoned, their big eyes were open and they looked longingly at Ji Changkong not far away. With a cold face, Shang Jiaozhi pulled off the veils on the faces of the three sisters, revealing three exquisite cheeks that were upside down. The three sisters really had seven or eight acquaintances, but their temperaments were slightly different. The night rose posture was more pungent and generous, while the night rose moon was beautiful and refined, and the night rose fragrance was charming and lovely. The true appearance of the three sisters was revealed, and even the eyes of the two good players, Shang Wuya and Shang Luohai, who were in the realm of good luck, lit up. Yes, that's them. "Shang Zhaozhi stared at the three sisters carefully and said lightly," You can use the three sisters to threaten the night Meizu and let them tell the hiding place of the ice emperor. When Shang Shaowu saw that the three sisters had been captured, he seemed to think of the three sisters' confession to him, and the fierce light in his eyes burst out, and anyone could see that he had a ferocious idea of killing. Ye Meizi's three sisters flashed a sense of despair in their eyes at the same time. Shang Shaowu took a deep breath, suddenly looked back at Ji Changkong, and grinned, "Do you like these three girls?"? If you promise me one thing, I can give you all the three girls. Of course, I will give you the girl named Shang Bingjie. Besides, I will tell you the truth about Yang Haili and Tianyuanzhu. How about that? "What did I promise you?" Ji Changkong asked with a smile, "If it's reasonable, I can think about it. In fact, I hate fighting and killing." "It's very simple. You can give me the'source fire 'that combines the flame of fire and the cold flame of the nether world. With the'source fire'," our previous enmity is written off. How about that? " "If you don't d" ", try another way." Shang Shaowu didn't get angry either. "You give me Tianyuan beads," he added. "How about this?" Also not thousand "o" Shang Shaowu nodded his head and said, "Then there's nothing I can do. It seems that I have to destroy you even if you are damaged." "If you really have the cultivation of incarnation, I may promise you. Unfortunately, you have been reincarnated. I don't think you can kill me." Ji Changkong laughed. Oh, then you can try it. Shang Shaowu's face gradually darkened. He hummed, "If I don't drink, I'll be punished. Now that Yang Haili is dead, I don't need to worry about anything. Do you really think I'm afraid of you?" "Who?" Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise from the Shang family in the distance. A surge of air passed by, and a line of seven people in the distance suddenly emerged. The first one turned out to be Feiyun, the elder of the Feather Clan. His wings were five meters long,Chinese spa manufacturer, and when he flapped, he came to Yuner in the blink of an eye, along with the master of the Wood Clan.

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