The influence of glass design on coffee’s taste and texture

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In the world of specialty coffee, the norm is to serve beverages in ceramic cups or broad-rimmed, substantial glasses. When it comes to wine, professionals like sommeliers typically opt for elegant stemware that comprises a bowl, stem, and base.

Aldo Sohm, an esteemed sommelier, underscores the profound effect of a glass’s form on the sensory experience in his publication, “Wine Simple.”

Sohm elucidates in his book that a glass thoughtfully crafted for wine helps to channel the wine’s unique aromas. This guides the aromatic molecules to engage with your olfactory senses and palate in an optimal manner, thereby intensifying the flavors.

He advocates in “Wine Simple” for wine glasses that are hand-blown, sporting an ultra-fine, smooth rim. This design is intentional, ensuring that the wine makes contact with the tip of the tongue, which is sensitive to sweetness, enhancing the tasting experience.


Sohm goes on to detail how even minimal variations in the glass’s contour can alter flavor perception. For example, a slight ridge at the rim could cause the wine to reach the back of the tongue, an area more attuned to bitterness, which might detract from the enjoyment.

Consequently, it’s a standard practice for wine experts to pair specific wines with glasses whose dimensions and shapes serve to magnify the wine’s bouquet and taste. For instance, glasses with more petite bowls are typically matched with white wines, and larger, broader bowls are chosen for lighter reds.

Drawing a parallel, a 2015 Japanese study utilized specialized imaging to demonstrate how the shape of a wine glass can influence the concentration and placement of aromatic vapors at its edge. These vapors, which transport aromatic compounds to the nose, play a pivotal role in defining the majority of a wine’s flavors. This research suggests that, much like wine, the sensory qualities of coffee could also be significantly affected by the shape of the glass from which it is enjoyed.​

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