The president is three years old

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Night vibration looked doubtfully at Sky and Lv Ziqi, that brooch in the end is two people who shot out, the skill is quick, even he did not see clearly. Yu Le, who was helped up by Ye Zhen, was still in shock. He injured Iga Suri's right armpit to prevent her from participating in the shooting competition. But he underestimated her sinister and cunning. He did not expect that she would attack him with a poison dart. Holding Long Xue'er tightly, he lost his voice and said: "Baby, if the poison dart hits you, then I will regret it for the rest of my life. Forgive me, forgive me." Long Cher realized something and was so frightened that her face was bloodless. "Wow!" He burst into tears and his face was covered with tears. Yu Le hugged her and kissed her face with soft lips. "Baby, don't cry, don't cry.". You're all right. It's all over. Long Xue'er clutched her clothes tightly with both hands and sobbed, "Yeyang Mommy, I'm afraid you'll be killed by a bad woman's hidden weapon." Then Ye Yang will be a poor man without a mother like me. In a word, Yu Lexin was so sad that she immediately overflowed with maternal love to Long Xue'er. She stroked her little back and comforted her by saying, "Baby, don't cry. You still have a good father. He loves you very much." Ye Yang ran softly, holding the little red skirt in his left hand and pulling Long Xue's trouser legs with his right hand. He said in a low voice, "Baby Xue, don't cry. Why don't I be generous and give you a little bit of my mother's love? One tenth." "Wow!" Long Xue'er cried even louder. Ye Yang's small mouth shriveled and his voice raised a little. "Well, baby snow, that's one fifth.". We can't divide it any more. If you don't want to,Magnesium Oxide MgO, forget it and forget I said it. Long Xue'er immediately shut up, with tears in her eyes, and said loudly and earnestly to Ye Yang: "Good!"! You said it! After that, 365 days a year, one fifth of the time, I want to be with your mommy, you can't fight for your mommy for me! Starting today, right now! Ye Yang jumped up and said,Magnesium Oxide price, "It doesn't count if you say it unilaterally. You have to start from next month!"! That's settled! Over there, Iga Suka ran to hold Iga Su-ri's right arm and asked with concern, "Sister, go to see a doctor first." Suri Iga gritted her teeth and snorted, "No, I'm going to take part in the following shooting competition!" She has a secret that the left hand is a better shot than the right. In order to avenge the defeat just now, we must win the next round in the shooting competition! I really hate this woman who is so happy to die. The martial arts she has learned are actually the nemesis of Ninjutsu. "Good!" Said Iga Yorio calmly! You are indeed a member of our Iga family! Mr. Sky, please find the doctor in Kojima in time to see Su-ri, or her right arm will be disabled. Sky stared at Suri Iga with cold eyes and said in a loud voice, "Mr. Iga, it's not as serious as you said!"! I only hurt her musculature. If I were as vicious as she is, the bone in her arm would have been pulverized long ago. Suri Iga bit her lip and said, "What is your relationship with her?"? Now my right arm is badly injured and she is safe and sound, but you speak for her! "What's our relationship? You're blind. Can't you see?"! The first time, you tried to knock her out with your fist. The second time, you tried to kill her with a poison dart. Sky said with a low roar, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,calcium nitrate sol, "All the doctors in Xiaoyou Islands are on vacation for the weekend, and they won't be back until tomorrow." "It's just a dart with an anesthetic," Iga said with a sneer. "Look how scared you are." She lied. In addition to the anesthetic, there is a biochemical bacteria on the dart that can cause lupus erythematosus on human skin. When she saw Sky take out his handkerchief and wrap the poison dart in his pants pocket, the panic in her eyes swept away. Lv Ziqi said angrily, "Snake and scorpion woman, if you want to kill Yu Le here publicly, then wait to accept my transnational lawyer's book!" Ye Yang's words, "Bad woman, you want to beat my mommy into a concussion, you are so vicious!" Long Xuanang's chest rose and fell, "Iga, you hurt my Cher!" He hugged Long Cher, whose face was gradually recovering, with a face of pity. At the critical moment just now, Yu Le saved Cher with his own life. His gratitude to her was hard to express in words. He just looked at her silently, hoping that she would be happy and happy forever. Iga Suri, who was once sought after by numerous male officers in D country, has become the object of scolding by the opposite here. For the unmarried Iga Suri, the pain of this humiliation is far greater than the pain of physical wounds. And all this was brought to her by Yu Le. Seeing Long Xuanang gazing at Yu Le, Iga Suli was so angry that she cursed in her heart: Dead woman, even the shipping king is interested in you! Hum, can Sky protect you for a while and protect you for a lifetime? Next month's World Auction City will be your grave! When Iga Yorio opened his mouth to say that there was a shooting competition, Long Cher screamed through the sky, "Iga Bing, you put on a little red dress for me right away and lie on the ground as a horse for me to ride!" Ye Yang secretly made a gesture to Sky to take a picture, and Sky nodded tacitly. Iga Bing said angrily: "This skirt is too small, I can not wear, do not wear!" " Ye Haoyu said sarcastically: "It turns out that the soldiers of d country are of such quality that speaking is as ineffective as farting!" Iga Suka retorted, "Adults bully children!" Ye Haoyu said in a cold voice, "I think your son is a soldier, not a child!"! If your son promises to take off his uniform and quit the army of D country forever, then I will ask Ye Yang to cancel the bet. Suri Iga clenched her teeth and said, "Little soldier, you are willing to gamble and admit defeat.". The soldiers of our big D country always worship the winner, and there is a shooting match, you can pull back a game. Yorio Iga seemed to be looking forward to something and reminded him, "Little soldier, baby Cher is three years younger than you. You don't know each other if you don't fight. You become good friends and you can often come and go in the future." Iga Bing always listened to her, nodded and took off his coat under the gaze of the crowd, put on the children's dress, the red skirt was tight on him, he lay on the ground, Long Cher rode on his back and shouted, "Drive!"! Drive! The Iga soldier crawled a few steps. "Hiss!" With a sound, the waist of the red skirt was crushed, and Long Xue'er clapped her hands and laughed and came down from him, showing off and raising her hands to the crowd. Iga Bing black face purple, angrily stood up,Magnesium Oxide price, quickly took off the red skirt, shouted, "start shooting!" 。

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