The whole entertainment circle is waiting for my c debut.

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What kind of cold medicine is this? I'm so sleepy. If I had known it earlier, I wouldn't have taken two pills according to the doctor's advice. Shen yuan and Zhou Xinlei held her left and right. Zhou Xinlei put the baseball jacket back on her again. Now the sea breeze is very strong. She must feel more uncomfortable when she is burning. Shen yuan said, "I think you'd better move, cheer up, sweat a little and maybe feel comfortable.." As she spoke, she got a bump on the shoulder. Tut! "The other side frowned and said sarcastically," Who is this? Isn't it 1 of us? We started to put on airs before we came out. We are the two protectors of the Dharma. " It's Sun Meng. Shen yuan took a look and knew that she was coming for herself and ignored her. Although Shen yuan can not catch up with Yu Wei, but has been pressing Sun Meng, relying on tap water and passers-by tickets and the eleventh Sun Meng broke the layer, Chu Hua made it clear that regardless of Sun Meng, the parties must be uncomfortable. She could not afford to provoke Shen Qi, so she looked down upon Shen yuan everywhere, but Shen yuan was too popular in the program group, so she could not take advantage of it and could only sulk. Seeing these two people blocking the wind for Shen Qi, she snorted coldly, "What's the matter? Can the escort get into the top nine or can he touch the joy of C? If he can, I will also touch it." Zhou Xinlei looks down on these people who hold high and trample low. Sun Meng herself is not Song Siyao's sidekick. How can she have the face to laugh at others. Just as she was about to speak, she heard the man behind her say, "yuan, why is there a dog barking at the seaside?" Shen Qi was in a daze, and his slightly hot little face rubbed against Shen yuan's shoulder,outdoor spa manufacturers, complaining, "It's still a lost dog. It's so noisy." "Poof." Shen yuan laughed out loud, remembering the last time in the background, Sun Meng also picked up a scolding in vain. Sun Meng was furious, "Shen Qi, you curse again, can you curse again?"? Do you believe I'm exposed. "Chess, yuanyuan!" The voice of perfect pronunciation came,whirlpool hot tub spa, without listening to know that it was Amy, only to see Amy happily holding a small milk dog, "You see, the assistant director brought his family's Beibei again!" When the dog heard his name, he called out two times, which was very appropriate. People. Shen yuan looked at Shen Qi, with a little worship in her eyes, Shen Qi pulled the corners of her mouth-this is really no coincidence, absolute coincidence! Sun Meng was so angry that her face turned red. She decided that these people were holding together to bully her. She was about to pester her. It seemed that the program group over there was going to start shooting. Sun Meng's heart turned, suddenly deliberately loud, the camera to this side. Shen Qi is now in a rather awkward state, which is not suitable for the camera. Shen yuan immediately wanted to block the camera with her body, but she was dialed four or two kilograms. She looked back and saw that at the moment when the camera shot, Shen Qi's back was straight, outdoor hot tub ,whirlpool bathtub manufacturers, his baseball jacket was on his shoulder with one hand, his eyes were bright and bright, and his smile was bright. Although his hair was a little messy, it did not affect his appearance, and he could be on the T stage at any time. Sun Meng was dumbfounded. The factory director also rolled up his bangs very affectedly, pointing to the seaside as a naive and romantic gesture to add drama to himself. "Look, it's sunrise. Let's make a wish together!" People. Are you the legendary deductive personality?! The staff and the factory director are also very energetic today! The program group hit the board, the whole team entered the state, Shen Qi also ran and jumped like nothing happened, but Shen yuan touched her arm, or slightly hot. Shen yuan was a little worried. "Are you really all right?"? I heard there was a training today. Maybe I'll go into the water. I'll go and say hello to the director. "A little cold doesn't matter. I'll tell you if I can't." When everyone's attention was attracted by Xie Kai and his mentors, Shen Qi quietly left a God and contacted the system. Kosuke, what's going on? I have a fever? Has my medical protection system been deactivated? Quick wear is a high-risk occupation, their physical function is better than ordinary people, generally do not have this kind of minor illness or cold. She has never been ill in the past more than 30 "plays". I haven't officially retired yet. What kind of black-hearted enterprise burns the bridge so quickly. System "may be a system failure, this space location is remote, the signal has not been very good, I am debugging." Shen Qi said, "What should I do now? My head is so heavy that I seem to have two heads." The system "recommends that you give priority to biological debugging using the current space-time scheme according to the fluctuation of your health data." Shen Qi "speaks human language." The "system" is sick and takes medicine. ” Shen Qi ".." The segment of the program group was similar to what everyone expected. As expected, it was "shout out your heart to the sea". When the program group announced that everyone was shooting the scene alone, the faces of the contestants were as uniform as copy and paste. Our voice was that we could dream in bed at four o'clock in the morning instead of blowing cold wind at the seaside. I want to make my debut! I want to make my debut! I want to go out! "I'm so happy to be on this show." Mom and Dad, I love you! Am I your pride? "Sea, I want to sleep, I don't want to get up early-" Director Li said, "That's great. Who is the last one? Give her a close-up." Contestant. All in all, the situation on the beach was very real until dawn. Song Siyao had already pasted a warm baby in her clothes. Compared with others, her back was much straighter, and of course she was praised. As the top one in the upper circle, even if she has not played Shen Qi in the third round of votes, there is no lack of followers around her. When Song Siyao was recording, there were a lot of onlookers, and when she was on camera, some people took the initiative to help her carry her backpack. Dahai, I hope that my teammates and I can realize our dreams together. With that, the girl turned around with a smile and held hands with several little sisters in harmony. At that time, the sun has jumped out of the sea level, the day suddenly lit up, dawn and the sea, girls and dreams, the picture is very beautiful. Director Li lowered his head and made a mark on the notes, which should be focused on later production. When all the recordings were finished, Song Siyao left surrounded by a group of people, and the staff of the beach management area shouted, "Hello!"! You guys, take care of the garbage. Song Siyao maintained a sweet smile, ordered Li Yunyun, Li Yunyun said "good",outdoor whirlpool, and said to the next player. The camera is on Song Siyao, who is not willing to go far at this time, the final result is that no one has turned back.

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