The value of agarwood oil

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    Agarwood oil is a special essential oil extracted from mahogany wood. Agarwood oil is a viscous, viscous, viscous and yellow or amber-colored liquid with a very characteristic aroma.

The special meaning of frankincense oil gives users.

1. Agarwood agarwood oil has created a natural aroma quite special for users: it has become a product of high economic value thanks to the fragrance it brings. Agarwood oil is produced a lot of production in high-end perfumes and cosmetics.

The fragrance of manic oil helps you to ease headaches and ease stress.

2. Agarwood oil is a precious medicine that rarely works to improve life

Thanks to the oil phase ratio between bass - period and musk, the fragrance will be for men or women. When this rate accounts for 85% or more, it is the incense for men with strong aroma that can seduce women. If this ratio is only about 15%, then the mild fragrance appeals to men.

3. Bring spiritual as well as feng shui meaning

Agarwood oil helps you eliminate negative energy and instead is a more positive source of energy. As a spiritual door, help people easily achieve equilibrium in gatherings and yo ...

4: Bring special meaning in major religions such as Buddhism, Christianity ...

It is not natural that frankincense oil appears in the temples in the temples.

For Muslims, they believe that frankincense not only heals the disease but also the channel to pass their wishes to the gods in Islam. provides quality agarwood oil, bringing you lots of value.

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