Thriller paradise

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The missing are not seen alive or dead. At first it was thought that the young people had eloped or run away from home and gone to other places outside the town. But year after year, there was no news of these people, and every year since then, on the same day, there have been similar cases..] There is every indication that the missing have not left town.. As a result, the police launched a thorough investigation into the incident. Although the police have interviewed many residents of the town and the record of confessions has been piled up, there is still no substantial progress in the investigation. The only information that is a clue is the superstitious words of some elders..] [The saying of "the curse of the well of resentment" also began to circulate as a result of this investigation.] [Legend.. In the abandoned shrine in the mountains, there is a well of the cursed, and on the last night of October every year, the music of the country of the dead is heard in the well. That night. Those who hear the music will come to the shrine and throw themselves into the well. [ "They can't come back because they went to another world." The old people said this with certainty. [The investigation has reached an impasse. The police have no choice but to go to the mountain with a tentative attitude and search the abandoned shrine. Unexpectedly, they actually found several items lost by the missing person.] On the evening of October 31 of the same year. A group of police officers guarded the well and tried to find out the truth of the "hidden" incident. But they, too, didn't come back..] The investigation was shelved indefinitely, and the local government ordered the villagers to go into the mountains at night! ? But every year at the end of October, disappearances still happen.. Accompanied by voice prompts, the camera has gradually pulled from the distant view to the close view, facing the mountain, a path can be seen ahead. All the way up into the mountains. Time flies,Surveyors tape measure, and many years pass in an instant. As the town of Cherry grew in size and its population more than tripled, the disappearances were gradually ignored and the legends were forgotten. One autumn night, six young people from the small town came here to go to the shrine in the mountain for a test meeting. And that night happened to be October 31. "Is this a test of courage." Feng unconsciously listened to the introduction. Side Tucao: "This is clearly for death ah!" He thought that this was the end of the introduction, but unexpectedly, the setting instructions of the script similar to "Campus Seven" appeared again: [From the beginning of the play. The system will randomly select a member of the player's party to receive the "protagonist aura."] Players with the protagonist's aura will not be judged dead except for disconnecting, actively disconnecting,cattle weight tape, and actively exiting the script if the scare value is too high. Any other form of death, such as a monster attack, falling from a height, running out of survival value to zero, etc., will be "lucky" to terminate a moment before it happens. Even if the termination mode is infinitely close to zero in probability, Hydrazine # 5! ? [The protagonist's aura will be transferred due to a variety of special flags. Please explore by yourself and make good use of its rules to transfer.] [When the number of people in the group is less than or equal to two, the main character's aura disappears.] [The current player with the main character's aura is ― Invincible.] After this explanation, the script officially begins. There were five men standing beside him, one of whom he had seen, the brave and invincible elder brother who had been cheated by him once. Brave Invincible is a player who is responsible for the research and intelligence collection of "boxing" in the internal test stage of Order Studio. At present, his work content remains unchanged, and his level has reached level 23. His title has been changed from "Reckless Boxer" to "Xingyi Boxer". And of the other four, Fish measuring board ,horse weight tape, there are two who are also order players, one is called [Mengjing Chan], also level 23, the title of [cold-faced killer]. As soon as this guy appeared, he took out a pack of cigarettes from his pocket, took one in his mouth, lit it for himself, stroked his hot curly head, and exhaled a smoke ring. The third person of the order is a female player. Needless to say, she is also a beautiful woman. Her lips are red and her teeth are white. Her face is delicate and pretty. She has long black hair. She has a standard white coat and a blue suit. Her nickname is [leaf paper]. Some of the meanings are unknown. It is inferred that this ID is homophonic with her name in reality. The grade of the leaf paper is twenty, and judging from her title [First Aid Healer], she is a medical specialist. There are two other players, both male, who are level . One is called Copernicus, the other is called Galileo, and the title is even better. One is called Discoverer, and the other is called Investigator. They came in as a team, which should not have run away, but neither of them had a club badge on their bodies, and they looked nothing special. They wore plain T shirts and trousers that were obviously very cheap, and the color and style were slightly different from the novice clothes. In the eyes of others, these two are very ordinary casual players, the title is estimated to be related to reconnaissance expertise, their game level is certainly not good, even the community did not join, not too weak others do not accept, is too poor to open their own. Anyway, looking at their clothes, it remains to be seen whether they are poor or not. But in Feng's opinion. There are two possibilities for the strength of these two people, which are two extremes. In the first extreme, he suspected that these two goods were G. Derivative script clearance experience, at least let the seal know one thing, that is, the derivative can only appear in the six-person team survival mode. Although according to Pan Feng and Hua Xiong, the probability of meeting is very low, and the probability of meeting the same player twice is very small. But Feng is also quite confident about his bad character. If this script is really the script of the derivative, then. From head to toe, it can be said that there is nothing that does not meet the standard of G. Moderate ranks, popular nicknames, low-key dress; two people in a group action,Walking tape measure, no community badge, the title seems to have the taste of deceiving people, perhaps deliberately tuned like this.

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