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Ip Man asked himself outside that he couldn't help, and he was a little anxious in the bottom of his heart. He looked at the long snake of Takeshi Yuecheng, climbing up and down. He thought to himself, "Although there are all kinds of sequelae in the twenty-eight star demon texts, there are also quite convenient places. It's a pity that Brother Yue is afraid that I and Wu San will be reckless and patronize the magic that practitioners can easily do quickly. It's not worth it to waste the immortal magic of this school. Don't teach us. Next time, even if how to grind, but also from the hands of Big Brother Yue, to learn this magic, later can change with the heart, not only combat effectiveness can be a higher level, but also can be used in many places. Although the action of Takeshi Yuecheng was secret, when rescuing the twelfth giant, a member of the Green Dragon Society was lazy and had poor ability. He could only change into a small snake with a thick bowl mouth, which was coiled in the giant's ears. Takeshi Yuecheng was careless for a moment and did not notice it. The gang suddenly had some urgency to urinate, restored their lives, and stood in the giant's ears to release the pleasure of life. When he heard that there was no movement left or right, he gave a loud shout. The giant himself had been bound away and regained his sanity. Although he pretended to sleep as usual according to Takeshi's instructions, he had long been impatient. The gang was making trouble in his ears. He was so itchy that he reached out his hand and pinched the man to pieces. He turned over and sat up. At this point, the guard of the giant clan of the blue dragon will help people suddenly in an uproar, noisy noise. The giant of the Heber clan was captured by Wei Yan, but also suffered a lot of torture,whirlpool bathtub, has long been an anger, heard the accident, those who have restored the freedom of the giant, one by one stood up, immediately and the Green Dragon will help people in this small place to fight. www。 xiaoshuotxt。 com Twenty-two, the beacon smoke will rise. Twenty-two, the beacon smoke will rise. With a sigh in his heart, Takeshi turned into a 100-meter-high giant and joined the battle,outdoor whirlpool tub, but he still focused on saving people. At the same time, send a message to Ip Man. Don't break in. Just rob and kill the fleeing members of the Qinglong Society outside. The giants of the Heber clan could not tell the difference between Ip Man and the people of the Green Dragon Society. They only knew that they were all human beings. In case of conflict, no matter who was hurt, it was not what Takeshi wanted. Ip Man was very excited when he saw the chaos inside. He was about to go up and join in the fun, but he was very disappointed by Takeshi's voice. However, when he saw that these giants were so brave, he couldn't help but be frightened. He was even more puzzled that Takeshi could change into a giant. Heard that only practice to the realm of immortals, can let the body change again, but can grow up to twenty or thirty meters is the limit, is the month eldest brother and practice what secret kungfu, or even in the secret skills of the giants? I must learn to change into such a huge, who dares to provoke me in the future? Ye Wenxiang's heart is hot, with his relationship with Takeshi Yuecheng, but also do not worry about Takeshi Yuecheng refused to teach him. Although Takeshi Yuecheng tried to save the giants of the Heber clan, the wise men like Elder Heber Lei Yu also knew how to save the people first, outdoor endless pool ,hot tub spa manufacturers, but most of the giants were too angry to fight, so that the members of the Green Dragon Society got the chance to kill the giants who were still trapped. Angry giants, especially terrible, these Qinglong will help people are not great people, although the number of more than ten times, but also place the giants to fight back. Qinglong will help the people. Can change the monster. But some of the skill is shallow, can only change into more than ten meters long serpent, in the hands of the giant is a pinch will die. These giants also robbed more than ten companions before they were killed, but thirty or forty giants finally could not be saved and all died in their sleep. It's a pity that if I had a few helpers, I would have saved everyone! Takeshi is always around. That is, Wu San Ye asked, Wu San often failed. Although the relationship between Feng Siniang and him is close enough, if he really wants to form a fighting team, Takeshi Yuecheng would rather go to a woman like the Herb sisters or the Feather Peacock. It is very difficult to find people who can rely on each other in this dangerous world. The Avatar Gang has grown to thousands of people, but few of them can make Takeshi feel like a partner. At most, we can help each other at ordinary times and at critical moments. Everyone has a hand to hide. Yangzhi and Wu song such ancient warrior, but there is an advantage, that is, once identified their own camp, will not change easily, plus most of them are gifted, if you can learn more powerful magic, will be more powerful than ordinary people ten times, a hundred times. Successfully solved the case of Li Kui's murder. Takeshi to draw Wu Song and Yang Zhi, have a great grasp, but far from hydrolysis can not thirst, is now busy looking for Yan Fei's bad luck of the two people, is too late to help him. The whole Poseidon Island is not very big, here made such a big noise, although Ip Man killed a few to escape to report. But even if there is no messenger. Wei Yan also knew that something had happened here, as long as he took a look. You'll know what a mess this place is. Elder Hebray, if you don't want all these Hebray people to die here, come with me quickly! Poseidon island has thousands of green dragon will help people, most of them are Wei Yanxin brought a good soldier, Takeshi dare to delay, see has alarmed the people on the island, advised Hebeilei more elder to hurry away. Before Elder Herb Leiyu could speak, Herb Hei had already cursed, "The gigolos in Dongliu are all gutless cowards. I'm afraid he's a bird. I'm going to fight with these thieves. I'll never leave!" Takeshi smiled coldly and said in a loud voice, "You want to drag down the whole clan to die with you. If you want to say that, just shout it out. Why pretend to be a hero?"? Shout out, "I, Herb Black, will die on Poseidon Island. All the old and young of the clan, die here with me.". Don't say what a coward, anyway, you can't be a man in the end,hot tub manufacturers, you will only be made into a puppet by the people of the Green Dragon Society. "I will never be a puppet!" "You've been captured alive. What are you bragging about? If it weren't for me, I would have been trained as a puppet by the Qinglong Society.". "Hurry up and give the order, or the Heber race will be extinct today." 。 monalisa.com

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