Time flows like water

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Line said that she had fallen in love with Mr. Li when she was in the cadre school. But there was no chance to get close to him. Later, when Mr. Li was assigned to Henan, she followed him. Of course, it's not easy to do so, but as she said, where there is a will, there is a way. She relied on her father's old connections to become a nurse in Anyang, and then found out the location of the glans hematoma, and then sent herself to the door. She made a careful plan for all this, including calling Mr. Li uncle. At last the two of them arrived at an empty place, which was in the ravine of the mine. That was the plan, too. She says to glans haematoma suddenly: "I want to be good with you!"! This is a key step in the plan. Then she patted her head and looked at Mr. Li's face. Then she found that Mr. Li's behavior was totally unexpected: he closed his eyes. At this moment she begins to feel uneasy: "Glans Hematoma this fellow, he won't not want me?"? Mr. Li said that he thought about it for a long time and thought it was a trap. Nine times out of ten, this is the arrangement of the Indian brother. Why did a beautiful girl suddenly jump out and say that she wanted to be with me? He pondered for a long time and decided to ask. So he opened his eyes and said, What do you mean? Ask the line very embarrassed, very uncomfortable. She was embarrassed for a long time before she said, "What do you mean?"? Be your wife. When many people heard that I could write novels, they came to me and told their love stories. In their view, their love can be written into fiction or even into history. I accept all comers for this. But when I write these stories in fiction,drive in racking system, they are all in the male first person. On the one hand, I am familiar with it, on the other hand, I have also had a dry addiction. But I don't use the first person to write Mr. Li's love story, because it is my sad thing. The line was supposed to be my wife's, but she became Mrs. Glans Hematoma! The line said, "Be your wife,mobile racking systems," and my heart suddenly moved. To tell you the truth, she had never thought of doing a glans hematoma before. All she wanted was to play with Mr. Li, or even to play with Mr. Li. But when Mr Li says you can be careful, she got angry, say: "Want to do your wife namely!"! Do you think I dare not! So the tragedy happened. "This is no joke," Mr. Li added, and he said, "I really want to slap you. Mr. Li thought, "Let it be.". Later, Mr. Li said that on my side, of course, there would be no problem; there was nothing else to say. The line said ferociously that I would not have a problem in this respect. Suddenly she exclaimed, "Oh, it's half past eleven.". I have to catch a bus. It was this bus that came from Anyang. It went there in the morning and came back at noon. If she missed it and waited two days for the next one, warehousing storage solutions ,shuttle rack system, she quickly told Mr. Li how to find her and told him not to forget to say that he was her uncle. After saying these words, he ran to catch the bus. In order to run faster, he took off his coat and asked Mr. Li to take it. The lines just ran away. If it wasn't for this coat, nothing would have happened. Because Mr. Li felt that it was a daydream for a big girl to suddenly jump out and become his wife. He has doubts about the existence of lines in the world. Under such circumstances, he did not dare to risk running to Anyang. If he arrived in Anyang after a three-hour long-distance bus ride, and it turned out to be an Indian brother's prank, he would inevitably become addicted. The overcoat gave him a certain assurance that he would dare to go to Anyang. It's good to find the lines, but it's not bad not to find the lines. You can keep the coat for yourself. When Mr. Li talked about the situation that day, he pointed out that the little girl who claimed to be his wife suddenly disappeared after a few words with him. When he ran out of the ravine, he saw a figure heading for the road at a very fast speed, while a bus was coming on the road in the distance. After a second, there was a gust of wind and sand, and nothing could be seen (Mr. Li was highly myopic, with two bottle bottoms-Wang Er's note); after another second, the wind and sand dispersed, and there was nothing left for people and cars. These things are like seeing a ghost in the daytime. At that time, he did not know that lines were good at four, eight hundred or one thousand and five hundred, and that she had a sudden burst of running. As for the former point, it can be seen not only from her achievements in the middle school students'sports meeting in the past years, but also from her figure. She doesn't look like a yellow person, or a white person, or even a black person, just like the kind of person who runs in front of a long-distance running track on TV sports programs. If she had been born 20 years later, people would never have allowed her to go to Henan to fool around, but would have driven her to the sports field and let her take the gold medal and raise the national flag-these things are more important than the glans hematoma. As for the latter point, although the rampage was made up by me, the line did cause a lot of discussion because of the abuse of flying skills in our courtyard. Now she is a woman of forty, and she is old and beautiful, but she doesn't wear high heels. In summer, she can't wear sports shoes, so she wears sandals with soft soles. Hair can not be cut shorter, do not wear any jewelry (jewelry not only affects the speed, but also easy to run away, causing losses-Wang Erzhu); Chatting with people on the lawn of the school, she suddenly found that it was time for class, so she tied the bottom of her silk jacket around her waist, rolled up her suit skirt, revealing black silk briefs, and two legs with thin and long muscles that were not as solid as those of half-old Xu Niang, and began to run wildly. The Chinese teachers all turned pale at the sight. When the foreign teachers in suits and leather shoes and carrying suitcases saw him, they shouted, "Mrs. Li!"! fucking! ——good! One by one,heavy duty metal racks, they pulled their ties back, as if they were going to hang themselves, and ran out after them. jracking.com

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