Transfer of the entire factory in nam dinh province/南定省整个工厂转让

Ngày đăng: 4/30/2024 4:43:49 PM - Xưởng trại bán, cho thuê - Nam Định - 67
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+ Transfer of all or part of the total area of ​​,850m2 of land located on the main road with 4 lanes and wide sidewalks in Nghia Hung district, Nam Dinh province. Convenient transportation when the coastal road will be completed and connect the northern coastal provinces.

+ The current situation is that there are 2 standard factories with an area of ​​3,700m2, zamin frames and other auxiliary works of up to 8,300m2, currently with a rental cash flow of 200 million/month, and a row of kiosks on the street, separate from the factory part, the remaining is the vacant land that has not yet been built.

+ Clean legal documents, complete documents, detailed construction work sheet included, Red book owner. Land use term until 2067.

+ Transaction form for transferring all Company shares and assets attached to land. Price 45,000,000,000vnd.

+ For the best advice and support, contact phone number: +84 912 80 10.

+ 转让位于南定省义兴县4车道、宽阔人行道主干道上总面积,850平方米的全部或部分土地,沿海公路即将建成并连通时交通便利毗邻东北沿海省份。

+ 目前的情况是,有标准厂房2栋,面积3700平方米,其他配套工程达8300平方米,目前有厂房租金2亿/月的现金流,还有一排售货亭。剩下的工厂位于街道上,与主体部分分开,是尚未建成的空地。

+ 法律文件干净,文件齐全,附施工明细表。官方红皮书,土地使用期限至2067年。


+ 转让整个公司及土地附属资产的交易表,价格 45,000,000,000 越南盾

+ 如需最佳建议和支持,请联系电话 +84 912 010

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