Wesley 142 dead and alive

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"The young man--" I asked. However, I only said four words, suddenly alert! I stopped talking at once, because at that moment I realized that I had fallen into the trap of the three of them, who were so skillful in speaking that my curiosity was aroused unconsciously, so that I, who was not prepared to talk to her at all, had to ask them questions instead. And if my curiosity does not stop in time, the situation may change from them asking me to turn the tables, to me asking them for information! Dealing with them, really want to remind the spirit of one hundred and twenty thousand, otherwise when suffered a loss, but also inexplicable. I braked in time, laughed, and immediately changed my tune: "Father or grandfather, of course, has power and influence, and of course has a large amount of savings in foreign banks. I'm afraid there's nothing in the world that can't be done. Why should we come to beg ordinary people like us?" Wang Lian sighed and said, "His grandfather is powerless now." Although I am afraid, but quite appreciate her style of heart questioning, although she sometimes does not speak directly, but it is not empty talk. Like that sentence just now, it explains a lot of problems, at least let me know that there is a once powerful person,Ozone generator ceramic plate, which is the main reason for them to come to me. Of course, Wang Lian knew that I was always very disgusted with power, so she expressed her feelings in this way, which also had the meaning of excuse, which made me really laugh-I really couldn't help laughing. The three of them had different expressions, and the water was very disapproving. Wang Lian looked helpless, and Zhu Jin sighed and looked sad. "Grandfather retired?" I asked? Foreign bank deposits will not disappear because of retirement, ha ha! The water finally couldn't help it and shouted,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, "Don't insult people at will!" With a smile on my face, I said, "Haven't you heard what the common people say?"? He said that if all the officials were lined up and put to death every other one, there would certainly be those who slipped through the net; if all of them were put to death, there might be those who were wronged! Ha ha, the eyes of the people are discerning! The water rose red face, has not yet opened his mouth, Zhu Jin said: "This also shows, at least not all, there are exceptions-" I immediately added: "I-there are exceptions!" " "This young man's grandfather is an exception," said Wang Lian in a deep voice. I tilted my head and looked at them coldly, waiting for them to say the name of the "exception". Wang Lianxian sighed softly and said, "If we hadn't respected this old man, we would never have hit a snag." I just sneered, and Wang Lian said, "This young man's name is Guanghui." After she said this, she looked at me, 10g Ozone Generator ,Ceramic ferrule for stud welding, although she looked so ordinary, but at this time her eyes were very deep, which made people feel that her connotation was unfathomable. When I heard this, I was suddenly stunned. The name "Guanghui" was very strange. I seemed to have a certain impression of it. I immediately remembered that I had seen the name in the computer e-mail box. The man named Guanghui was looking for Wesley and Bai Su. At this time, of course, I also knew that "brilliance" was a name, so I immediately knew who his grandfather was. (Accord to that usual style of telling the story, "Guanghui" was of course a pseudonym, and I heard the real name at that time, so it was easy to know who Wang Lian said the old man they respected was.) However, I still sneer-although the big man seems to have won the world's unanimous praise, it seems that no wife, son, daughter or son-in-law is the chairman of any group or controls any huge profit system, and it seems that no relatives have obtained foreign passports and deposited large amounts of money in foreign banks. However, even if these are not "as if", but facts, I will not have any respect for the core figures of a totalitarian ruling group. This is my consistent philosophy, so it comes naturally. The three of them looked at me for a while, probably feeling that there was no hope. Besides, nothing would be useful. Their expressions were quite depressed. Zhu Jin and Wang Lian shook their heads. "We're waiting for Sister Bai!" They shouted. I smiled. "Whatever you say!" With these words, I went upstairs by myself, closed the door of the study, and imagined what would happen if Bai Su faced their demands. Imagine, of course, an uncertain outcome. Chapter 2: Special Status I don't care how long the three of them will wait-I know they can't wait any longer, because when Bai Su left, she told me that she would not come back in a short time. Bai Su did not tell me where she was going and what she was doing, nor did she say how long the so-called "short term" was-her appearance showed that the matter was related to the "inhuman association". And as long as the matter is related to the inhuman association, she will not tell me the details, very unreasonable! This time, however, it was better that they could not find Bai Su, so that Bai Su would not be softhearted for a moment and agree to their request to become a helper of totalitarian rule. For the rest of the time, I did this and that, but the result was that I sat down and imagined what strange things had happened to the three of them, that is, the young man named Guanghui! Must find Wesley or Bai Su can not, more worth feeling strange is, Wang Lian they are actually willing to work for him! I thought about it for a long time, but I had no idea, so I had to let go and not think about it. In the next three days, I received brilliant emails every day, and the tone of brilliant emails became more and more urgent. Not only urgent, but also quite frightening, a letter said: "I have faced the critical moment of life and death, must immediately contact Wesley or Bai Su, please all the people in the world to help me!" There is also a letter like this: "I face the choice of life and death, since the beginning of human history, no one has ever experienced!"! My decision is related to the future development of the whole human race. It is difficult for me to decide alone. I need the help of Wesley or Bai Su. Please let me contact them! The sentence is very scary, but I just feel funny when I see it, which reminds me that not long ago,7g Ozone Generator, the insect expert Hu said that he had been "extremely urgent" to ask for help, but the result was that he saw the image of a beautiful woman and had a crush on it. It seems that there are many modern young people who have the exaggerated style of Wen Baoyu, but they still believe their call for help and must be fooled. global-ceramics.com

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