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Empty green snake king is struggling, as a God beast, it is extremely arrogant, how can it easily submit to the human race in front of it? If it is a purple monk, it may be willing to lower its head, but this Tiemuzhan is not qualified to do so. Uh After a long time, Tiemuzhan frowned. Why are you still struggling? Tiemuzhan looked at the already scarred, seriously injured and dying, still extremely crazy empty green snake demon, "although the Yin and Yang two gas array only displayed part of its power, but it seeks its own death, if it continues, it will be worn to death by the Yin and Yang two gas array!"! Would you rather die than submit to me? As soon as Tiemuzhan gritted his teeth and moved his mind, the black and white airflow that had bound the empty green snake demon began to disperse. Empty Green Snake! Tiemuzhan pointed to the scarred serpent, "I rely on the power of the big array to press you, I'm afraid you're not convinced!"! Then you and I fight, I don't need a big array to assist. As long as you can defeat me, I will let you out. But if you lose, you will submit to me, okay? "Ah!" Empty green snake demon hate voice cry, directly into more than ten meters long,China spa factory, this is it can play the strongest strength of the body size, then straight to Tiemuzhan! "Humph." Tiemuzhan has a black whip in his right hand, and there are sharp nails growing naturally on the whip. This black whip is the magic weapon'black rattan whip ', which is also the magic weapon of Tiemuzhan's fame in Yanshan. He jerked his whip, which suddenly turned into a huge dark shadow and swept over the empty green snake demon. Brush! Brush! The green snake demon flashed quickly and avoided the whip. "Tiemuzhan is a long whip in his hand, only to see a circle of whips, for a time, countless circles of covering the sky and the earth enveloped the empty green snake demon,endless swimming pool, followed by a tear, the scales and flesh on the body of the empty green snake demon are missing." Hissing ~ ~ "The empty green snake demon hissed angrily and would rather be injured than rush over.". Tiemuzhan is sneering again and again waving the black wood rattan whip, he is not the first time to fight with the empty green snake demon, he is good at using the whip, can completely restrain the flexibility of the empty green snake demon! The empty green snake wanted to escape very quickly. In the past, he had no way, but now the empty green snake demon was trapped in the big array and could not escape. How Tiemuzhan stood there, waving a long whip, each whip has the power to crack a hill, hit the empty green snake demon body skin and flesh, "my strength is stronger than you, you still obediently surrender." "Pow!" "Pow!" The collision of the magic weapon and the physical body, plus Tiemuzhan, after all, indoor endless pool ,whirlpool hot tub, is a strong person in the later period of the innate life, completely overwhelming it. Whoosh! When dodging a long whip flying, the empty green snake suddenly disappeared out of thin air. Followed by dozens of feet away and appeared out of thin air. This makes Tiemuzhan stunned, followed by a big change in face: "Not good!" "Hiss ~ ~" The empty green snake demon is excited to cry, at the same time, every time it can jump to tens of feet or even farther away like a teleportation. Go to hell Tiemuzhan's face was ferocious and crazy. Rumble ~ ~ ~ Big array upheaval, a large number of black and white airflow crazy crushing to the empty green snake demon, and the empty green snake demon is cold to see Tiemuzhan one eye, then whoosh disappeared out of thin air. Boom! The collision of black and white air currents forms a large amount of turbulence. Hateful Temuzhan roared and waved his hands wildly. "Damn!!!" "Void shuttle!"! Travel through the void! Tiemuzhan's face was ferocious, his eyes were red and obviously hysterical. "This empty green snake can actually display the empty shuttle. Yes, it's that Ji's little doll.". Is that Ji's little doll, he fought with this empty green snake several times. The empty green snake must have made some progress, so that this time it reached the realm of harmony between man and nature, and displayed the empty shuttle! Temuzhan was furious. Although there is only one empty green snake on the land of Yanshan, there are many on the endless land dominated by the Daxia Dynasty. So Tiemuzhan is very clear about the power of the'empty green snake ', and also extremely want to subdue this empty green snake. General big demon, or control water, or control poison, or control fire and so on. Even the water rhinoceros king and the winged snake, which are not divine beasts, have these talents, but as a divine beast, the empty green snake king has no special talent. In fact, not without! But the empty green snake king has too strong talent, when the strength is low, it can not be used, just like the general monster can not control water the day after tomorrow, but can control water after becoming a congenital creature. The talent of the Empty Green Snake King lies in the'void ', even if it becomes a congenital creature, it must reach the realm of harmony between man and nature, so that the body can be instantly integrated with the void, so as to achieve the void shuttle! "Travel through the void!" Tiemuzhan gnashed his teeth. "An empty green snake that realizes the empty shuttle will soon become extremely powerful!" Void shuttle.. Make empty green snake can go to some very mysterious places, even to steal some heaven and earth spirit fruit, strength growth rate will enter an explosive period! There is no doubt that this empty green snake king will leave Dongshan Ze to start wandering, after all, only to go to more places, in order to steal more treasures of heaven and earth, strength can grow faster, if partial to a corner, will only waste its talent! "With its hatred for me, it is likely to seek revenge against me when it returns to Yanshan in the future." Temuzhan is angry and surprised! "Ah ah ah!" Temuzhan roared angrily, and the roar made the lake explode! Angry. It's all because of that Ji's boy! Tiemuzhan gnashed his teeth and hated it. Had it not been for Ji Ning's usual progress, how could he suddenly break through in World War I? I'm afraid he's already subdued this empty green snake, and now he's not only not subdued, but also provoked a strong enemy. The Empty Green Snake Demon will remember this hatred! …… The big array that blocked the sun dissipated, and after Tiemuzhan put away all the flags of the eight big arrays, he stepped out of the water with a sullen face. Master The big beast demon turned into a man in black and rushed over. When he saw the master's face,jacuzzi manufacturers, he knew that he had failed. He said, "The master doesn't have to be angry. This empty green snake demon is too stupid. He should be killed by the master!" "It's not dead!" Tiemuzhan said coldly. Not dead? The man in black was stunned. "What about it?" Tiemuzhan shook his head and said, "It actually realized that it had shuttled through the void and escaped." 。

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